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    Looking for 1 BERLIN 2014 ticket

    Hi there. I am looking for 1 Berlin 2014 standing ticket. I can pick it up in Berlin on the day of the concert or you can eventually send it to me. I am willing to pay face value or let me know your asking price. Can pay via PayPal if you are not in Berlin. PM me
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    After Ventura - all over?

    Musicalcat: You have to see him!
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    After Ventura - all over?

    So the tour is finally over. But the question is: Was the Ventura show Morrissey's last ever? This tour hasn't been the best. It's been the most troublesome (cancellations, throwing out fans, the Swindon accident i.e.). I have seen a lot of Moz concerts during all the years and the show in...
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    Passions just like mine problems

    What happened to the fantastic Passions Just Like mine website? Oh dear i hope it will not be dead forever.
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    Morrissey throws a heckler out of the Hamburg concert

    He was actually a very big fan who probably did drink to much that night and said the wrong words ...
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    Morrissey throws a heckler out of the Hamburg concert

    I stood just behind the man who was thrown out. He was really in shock when Morrissey talked to him.
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    Mozipedia - your thoughts?

    Overall: A fantastic book. Well done. Thanks. What we are missing: List of tours, tour dates, setlists, information about venues, Rome, more small intries. Like "Shirts", "Prada" etc.
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    Matt Walker end of tour blog

    Bremen? Why? I was there. The show was only - in my view - mediocre. The Show in Odense in Denmark the next day was much better and a lot more intimate than the big Pier 2. My best show of the tour: Odense, Denmark
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    what is the man wearing? (give me labels)

    I luckily have on of his light blue West Ham t-shirts from the 1999 tour - still smells like teen spirit!
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    Mozipedia - your thoughts?

    Thanks! Waiting to the book to come...!
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    Mozipedia - your thoughts?

    What's in the book more precisely? Details, anyone? PLEASE. Can you find tourdates also? Setlists? Information about his shirts? Bitte!
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    Last tour?

    So will this be Morrissey's last proper World Tour? I mean he has been quoted saying recently that he will stop performing in a few years time. He couldn't see himself perform at the age of 55. Future: Let's say - in 2011/2012 - he will have his probably last album out and then go on his...
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    Denmark Roll Call

    I'll go to se the Odense and Copenhagen shows. The venue in Odense is among the smallest. Cavern-like.
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    Video Clips From Carnegie Hall, NYC 3/26

    You can also use You Tube Loader. Very simple. Download your files as mp4 - it's the best quality. There is also Zamzar.
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    Durham, NC - bysshe's "play by play" thread

    Any photos, footage of the concert in Durham? Please anybody...
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    So how do you get Moz's shirt?

    I got one of Moz 1999 West Ham Boys Club light blue t-shirts at Moz Copenhagen concert at the incredible Grey Hall at Christiania. BTW: The show was filmed by a guy very close to the stage. There were not many guards at the front of the stage. A wild night in Copenhagen.
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    Wild beasts

    I can only recommend Wild Beats and their wonderful album "Limbo, Panto" (released last year - but I have only recently discovered them). Have a listen:
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    Your other favourite artists?

    I must say: I love a lot. But i prefer these the most: SUEDE (seen them on stage about 80 times, met them in hotels, in tv studios, backstage, everywhere). And: ELVIS PRESLEY JOHHNY CASH BRETT ANDERSON THE DOORS MERCURY REV BOWIE name a few
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