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  1. Mel_Torment

    FS: 1 ticket to Ventura -- face value, no fees - save $16

    I have an extra ticket for Ventura (GA). It's a hard ticket. I'm just asking for face value ($89.50) or best offer, so you'll save at least $16 in ticketbastard fees.
  2. Mel_Torment

    Portland, OR 2009

    There doesn't seem to be a thread devoted to Portland, OR solely. So here it is... In less than a week will be my third time seeing Morrissey at this rowdy intimate venue -- Portland's Roseland. In '97 Morrissey played what seemed like an even smaller venue in Portland. I'm really excited...
  3. Mel_Torment

    FS: 1 PIT ticket for Seattle

    I have an extra pit ticket (row 2) for Seattle. I'm asking $128 or best offer.
  4. Mel_Torment

    A new one for Mozzer's intermission viddies?

    Morrissey has used songs and viddy before that feature his name. I thought this one might be kind of apt for his US tour leg. It's from a straight-to-video kind of movie ("There Goes My Baby") that was playing on tv in the wee hours of the morning. Morrissey was in town (L.A.) to interview Joni...
  5. Mel_Torment

    Odd memories -- old invitations to Moz/Smiths parties

    I've been cleaning out my desks/bookshelves and came across this odd cold preparation box: Inside were some invitations to Moz house parties I held in the 90s, one as a consolation when Moz canceled US shows in the mid '90s (at Carnegie Hall in NYC and Grand Olympic Auditorium in Hell A)...
  6. Mel_Torment

    Free 2009 Moz-themed calendar

    Over in the downloads section -- You are welcome to customize it and adapt it however you like. I would appreciate corrections if you notice any errors. I am about to print these out and post them to some (un)lucky Moz fiends. ;) (If...
  7. Mel_Torment

    2009 Moz calendar in MS Werd

    Attached are MS Werd docs for the calendar. The pictures portion is too large to be attached, so find it here (yousend it -- has 100 DL or 7 day limit) (or here until I cut off my service). Same caveats as with the 2008 version...e.g., you should have the Moz font (website IMAET should...
  8. Mel_Torment

    Moz mention/comparison to Kev Gray

    Kev Gray: A Bit of a GeniusWhat is it with male British singers? Morrissey had the witty lyrics, and Morrissey had the soaring melodies. Unfortunately, Morrissey also had the foghorn baritone, and it sent most of his countrymen into a filthy depression. Billy Bragg didn't fare much better, his...
  9. Mel_Torment

    Moz at Russell Brand gig tonight

    I'm surprised no one has discussed this yet. I'm betting this thread will be merged or moved. :p Anyroad, I saw Morrissey in a booth/table at the Roxy tonight. S. was to his left (shielding him from the hoi polloi as usual), Jesse to his right. Next to Jesse was a dark haired chica who seemed...
  10. Mel_Torment

    LA Weekly review of the Smiffs convention I cross-posted to the events forum. I didn't go for many of the same reasons fellow old-timers didn't -- been there, done that; it costs too much; the Real Deal's been touring for two...
  11. Mel_Torment

    Russell Brand's show in Hollywood tonight

    Ticket taken! Brand mentioned Morrissey and what it was like meeting duh Man last night. I came for the dirty jokes and had more than a few chuckles. I tried to delete this thread but was unable. Hmmm...the FAQ says to choose Edit to delete the thread, but there's nothing after that that...
  12. Mel_Torment

    US release of Greatest Hits

    So I bought two copies of the US release of the deluxe version (bonus Hollywood Bowl disc contains an extra track THPGU) even though I have the UK import on vinyl and cd. The US bonus disc flows better with THPGU. Apparently vinyl was not for sale at Virgin. But the Live @ Earl's Court vinyl...
  13. Mel_Torment

    2008 Moz Calendar in MS Werd

    Okay, I've finished it. I tried to give credit if I knew the photographer, location, and date of photo. The MS Werd files are attached. You can be all diy and change the dates/photos to suit your fancy. EDIT: The picture portion is too large to attach. I finally have ftp access, so find it...
  14. Mel_Torment

    American Apparel ads

    I know there are already threads about the American Apparel ads, but they're all read-only archived ones. Just venting my thoughts on these...I dislike these ads, especially the clingy frocks/t-shirt dresses. These clothes are so ugly! The frocks make even the models, who are kinda hot even...
  15. Mel_Torment

    Tortilla Apparition #669

    This is old hat to the Maladies, but a friend of mine forwarded this image to me back in October: This image is from a set called The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, an art show which has exhibited at the De Young Museum. I don't know why mozzolo is going on and on about the nme stitch up...
  16. Mel_Torment

    Dream support?

    Sounds like a thread about full-figured bras, huh? So, what would your ideal bill look like? I did a cursory search but could not find a thread about this already... I think I'd rather just see Morrissey and no support bands, but I have seen some very good bands opening for him --...
  17. Mel_Torment

    a shocking sale...what appears to be a poor domain

    I was browsing idly for something and came across these funny articles about the domain for true-to-you --the .com domain for true-to-you was bought up at a very steep price, meriting some mentions in domain name blogs...
  18. Mel_Torment

    How about making the default threshold 1 instead of 0 on the main page boards?

    I've been thinking about it because it's a shame that many of the posts by anonymous cowards drags down this otherwise great website into deserving the epithet SoLow. If the default threshold were higher, a 1 instead of 0, no additional moderating would be needed, and yet these eyesores could be...
  19. Mel_Torment

    Can't get Palladium package since you don't have a US billing addy?

    For those of you furriners who do not have a US billing address, I'm on the phone with TM trying to find a way to allow you to buy the Palladium package. It might help if you can say what exactly is on the screen that won't allow you to purchase with your credit card. Is it that the country...
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