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    Does Moz hate his female fans?

    It struck me while reading the book that he compliments the looks of his male fans (Pete Duel in a ROTT shirt, James Brolin in his Marcus Welby days in a "Smiths is Dead t-shirt"), including the mexican gang members :rolleyes:. Yet when speaking about the females, he calls them "Kristeen Young...
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    Pete Townshend Apologizes For Swearing At 7-Year-Old Girl

    I wonder what Morrisseys feelings are about those who bring very small kids to his concerts
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    Jimmy Kimmel extends olive branch to Morrissey

    Jimmy Kimmel Extends Olive Branch to Morrissey - Billboard Excerpt: "On Wednesday's show, he again addressed the tiff in his opening monologue. "This has nothing to do with people who eat meat versus people who don't," he said. "I’m completely respectful of people who do not eat meat, but the...
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    Bryan Ferret married his son's "fling"... Bryan Ferry has wed longtime sweetheart Amanda Sheppard in Turks and Caicos. According to the Daily Mail, the 66-year-old singer married his 30-year-old girlfriend in an intimate ceremony on Jan. 4. This is marriage...
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    Which U.S. tour stop do you think is the most...

    audience friendly? Meaning less thugs, troublemakers, and therefore relatively easy to get close to the stage without being physically/sexually violated ;). I'm treating myself to a mini-vacation (since he's not coming to the deep south) and can score tix/travel anywhere, so I'd really...
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    Trade: LA for Pomona

    I have 2 extra tix for the Shrine in row 11 orchestra. I would like to trade them for 2 tix to Pomona. Please email me [email protected] if interested!
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