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  1. pretorius

    2020 live dates

    Got 2 tickets for SSE Arena March 14th, :) alas couldnt do Leeds, hopefully he wont cancel like Manchester this time
  2. pretorius

    Nick Cave on Morrissey - new issue of the Red Hand Files
  3. pretorius

    Morrissey Central: "IT'S STARTING" - It's Over cover art & blue vinyl (October 12, 2019)

    Had a search for it in the usual places who have had Mozs 7" on pre-order, nothing so far?.
  4. pretorius

    "USA Chart Position" (#7 Billboard Albums, #3 Vinyl Albums) - Morrissey Central; #95 Billboard 200

    Well according this chart hes #1 . And I was in HMV yesterday, and they had the new LP playing
  5. pretorius

    Happy Birthday Morrissey! Morrissey turns 60 - May 22, 2019

    Happy 21st (again) MOZ, have a wonderfull day...:)
  6. pretorius

    Morrissey is being made into a Funko Pop

    Mozza finally gets a funko pop, on pre-order...
  7. pretorius

    Moz company

    There is actually a real company called MOZ... .. .
  8. pretorius

    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    you can see a bit of txt hidden by the blank section, wonder what it says?
  9. pretorius

    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    I though that was a error of the uploded image, much better cover than the other shite. Was going to pre-order on, but would ocst $35 with import costs etc, will wait till a UK pre-release
  10. pretorius

    Mark Radcliffe

    Get well soon Mark... Just listening to there show now in work, they just playing "Reel Around the Fountain", never heard it played on radio before.....
  11. pretorius

    Starting to collect

    Good luck with your collection, its fun... Why is "You are the Quarry", so expensive on vinyl, was it a very ltd vinyl run?, this is the only LP of Moz/Smiths I only have on CD, dunno why it just turned out that way, circumstances at the time I guess
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