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  1. Del

    November 12” custom sleeve promo for sale

    Off topic ? Really ? I think the item is overpriced, feel free to comment if you don't agree...
  2. Del

    November 12” custom sleeve promo for sale

    Too much again …..
  3. Del

    Sheila yellow vinyl 7” for sale

    "condition is new" ???? Doesn't look new to me! Even if mint it isn't worth half that.
  4. Del

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Best of double LP - clear vinyl arrived today. Number 1266/1600 Not that exciting I know but I like it!
  5. Del

    Morrissey Central: Lady Willpower / Rainbow Valley - delayed (22 August, 2019)

    There was also the Headmaster Ritual CD single that was withdrawn due to an objection from Viv Nicholson.
  6. Del

    Overpriced Items Part 2

    am I missing something ???
  7. Del

    Wanted Lover To Be

    I couldn't wait and paid £23 on ebay on Sunday. I know it's not a lot of money but that's not the point. RSD is just a con. It is an easy way for a load of arseholes to make money out of genuine fans / collectors. I saw some copies for sale a few days before RSD - these can only be the actual...
  8. Del

    Wanted Lover To Be

    I am also on the lookout for a copy … queued for over 2 hours and still missed out - I hate Record Store Day!
  9. Del

    Rare mags, Satan tape, signed YOF LP

    I remember buying the 7", 12", CD and cassette at the time from my local HMV. There wasn't anything unusual about it - there was the normal handful on the shelf. I seem to remember the 7" and cassette were 99p back then for the first week of release! Hindsight is a wonderful thing - I wish I had...
  10. Del

    Rare mags, Satan tape, signed YOF LP

    I'll bet you see another one listed later today …..
  11. Del

    Rare mags, Satan tape, signed YOF LP

    I'd sell mine for that !!!
  12. Del

    Rare mags, Satan tape, signed YOF LP

    Seems a bit pricey to me !!!!
  13. Del

    30 years - Wolverhampton - first solo show (Dec. 22, 1988)

    I was there. I can't quite believe that it is thirty years ago. I was 17 then and I have so many memories of the whole thing. I saw the ad for the gig in NME, phoned my mate and off we went. We were there the day before and we spent a great night in the queue - drinking and dancing in the...
  14. Del

    Looking to buy Roy’s Keen and Satan Rejected My Soul on cassette tape

    They don't come up for sale very often. I'm still missing the Sunny cassette - can't remember the last one I saw for sale!
  15. Del

    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    12" promos....
  16. Del

    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Nice find - I have never seen that sticker sheet before!
  17. Del

    All the young people vinyl UK

    Should have sold it a couple of weeks ago before the release details came out!
  18. Del

    Hong Kong LP for sale

    I would agree with you. I don't buy much any more but I have collected on and off for the last 30 years and I have never seen one for sale. I would be pleased to own it but it is way out of my price range ! Good luck to you - anything is worth what someone will pay. I'm amazed that you have sold...
  19. Del

    Overpriced Items Part 2

    A bit much ...
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