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    Write poetry about Morrissey

    I am a bit embarrassed but I have Moz poems. Will dig them out. Check out my post about Swing magazine, people- Morrissey poetry is very welcome there.
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    Calling all artists and writers!

    There is an exciting new free magazine about to hit London and we want you to be part of it. Talented writers and artists should visit our website at to contact us and find out more about contributing to Swing Magazine. There is even a very lovely picture of Morrissey on the...
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    story on main page about smiths song on final series of extras

    Aah, bless. Was cheese on toast, but the end did make me cry. Well done Gervais and Merchant for a nice ending, and a lovely Smiths song just to add the icing on the cake.
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    Song Title Game

    Changes- David Bowie
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    Be honest, is this really sexually attractive?

    I can see that, but I think maybe you need to grow up and see that most relationships begin with physical attraction and then you grow to see and love the personality of the person. You won't ever meet someone who genuinely sees all the brilliant bits of your personality straight away. Certainly...
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    I love myself- the self-praise thread!

    I have a super sense of humour, and am awesome in bed :D
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    Song vs Song Game

    girl afraid vs at last I am born
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    Be honest, is this really sexually attractive?

    Well, of the many of the people I talked to, all of them stated that they even have great sex lives (not one night stands w/ strangers) but, w/ their regular partners & even more so, all of them have acted out a lot of their kinky fetishes. I'm talking things like, roleplay, S & M gear, bondage...
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    morrissey frink thread!

    He's on his way, although I fear not only have I missed the last postage date for Christmas, but I neither have either stamps. Damn, will just have to put him under the tree for myself.
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    morrissey frink thread!

    I feel I should give you something back- sending you a big, filthly Moz fantasy to keep you warm, this cold afternoon (or at least, it is here in London!) :D
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    Diana - Morrissey mystery

    My friend sent me the link to that site about a year ago and I remember looking at it then and going "Eh?!" Total bollocks.
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    morrissey frink thread!

    well, well, well. I have just spent a very enjoyable 15mins scrolling through all the filth from yesterday, and I can honestly say- ladies you have excelled yourselves. I have had less intense sexual experiences. I am going to go and have a cigarette and calm down now. ;)
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    Russell Brand..urgh

    I like Russell Brand a lot- I think this can only be a good thing.
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    The Most Beautiful Morrissey Pic

    I think he becomes more beautiful with age. Perhaps it's just because I have a thing for the older gent, but his eyes seem to sparkle more and his face is more expressive these days than it was in his youth.
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    Greatest Morrissey-Solo song of all so far?

    Am surprised nobody has picked my personal favourite: Tomorrow. I love the passion in it when he sings "Oh! The pain in my arms!" and "I know you don't mean it...." Makes me remember a few times when I've had pain in arms, I can tell you..... :(
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    What a genuinely lovely website. I've just spent a very nice half hour browsing all these covers and marvelling. Thanks!
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    Your favourite Morrissey lyric

    That's a great one- I remember when I first heard 'Come Back to Camden'- I was in love with a rogue of a gentleman who didn't deserve me and that lyric "me and my heart/ we just knew" cut me real deep. I think I even shed a little tear at the bus stop.
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    morrissey frink thread!

    I like this one because (for fear of lowering the tone) he looks breathless and kind of like he might have just been indulging in some horizontal tangoing!
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