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    YPINOYB Music lacking ever so much,ever so much

    What Happened to awesome music on Morrissey records? The Queen is Dead, Your Going to Need Someone on Your Side, to name a very few. The intro's made the album. What if "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself" didn't have that great acoustic jam on it? Why not some lame back ground music that's...
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    Morrissey's Current Boyfriend

    It's so funny that some of you get so embarrassingly defensive about Morrissey, like you know and are friends with him. Why get all uptight if someone wants to know who his boyfriend or whatever is? Or telling people under threat of death to pay for that MP3 and NOT download it for free.. Please...
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    Any news regarding the new album?

    Has anybody heard any news besides the facts we all ready know? Like, the sound or first single details?
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    Gene Deluxe editions

    Who made you the music police? Who are you to randomly give shit to people? Your fucking lame and should mind your own business; don't be that guy.. every forum has at least 1, this is your chance to reform your half-wit ways, today is the first day of your life bro!! And for your information...
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    The Crookes - Have you heard of them?

    They are awesome! I think the best thing they have done is the Dreams Of Another Day [EP] with "Somewhere Over The Bus Stop" & "Yes Yes We're Magicians". Love, Love that E.P.
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    Thoughts on new Morrissey album

    I wonder if "Action is My Middle Name" and "Scandinavia" etc. are going to be on "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"? Did he release any of the new tracks and I just missed it? I remember seeing a clips of him recording with Tony Visconti? What happened to that session? Also, any thoughts on...
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    History will not be kind to Johnny Marr

    Johnny could go on a murder spree and never put out anything good again and he'd still be a guitar god and my favorite guitar player of all time. Followed by Bernard Butler and John Squire. I mean The Smiths were only around for 5 years...5 years.. and the out put and the quality is only...
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    Gene Deluxe editions

    Yes!!! I have all the albums and don't really want to get bent over as they cost wayyy too much; I live in America, so I get doubly screwed! If anyone has it I would post all the new Suede reissues and I have ALL the unreleased tracks..i.e - Going Blonde, Art, Birds...
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    Gene - b sides .. Help

    Re: Gene help!! Yea, I wan't to buy those but I live in rural Oregon so I bet they are going to be as if not more expensive as the Suede reissues. I've bought every album and single except for the last few that sucked. My ex wifes brother stole or tossed ALL my music when we were out of the...
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    Gene - b sides .. Help

    Gene help!! Does anyone have the albums and the glorious b sides in flac or at least 320kbs? The copy's I have must be 128kbs or lower. they sound bloody horrible! If someone could share I would greatly appreciate it; would be willing to post some Suede b sides or some rare Roses. -Thanks in...
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    Autobiography by Morrissey: Special Hardback Edition and digital audiobook published today in the UK

    Morrissey's autobiography is getting a hardback gift edition with full discography? I was reading the Johnny interview on Pitchfork and they mention that there is going to be a "autobiography, hardback gift edition with full discography. Does anyone have more info about that? Sounds like it...
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    The Smiths' 'Queen Is Dead' Under Review (Video, Youtube)

    Just found this on Youtube. From the documentary film 'The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead - A Classic Album Under Review' available on DVD from Has Brett Andrson as well!
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    Suede Bootlegs - Your help is needed

    If you just got into suede I'd recommend getting the deluxe editions of their albums. There are 5 altogether and they have ALL the amazing b sides; their new album BloodSports is great as well.
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    Bernard Butler b sides

    Does anyone have a b side collection of the b sides from his 2 studio records? I would be willing to trade? Any help would be great! Thanks.
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    2013 albums, what do you like so far?

    LOVE the new Suede record, also the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Depeche Mode and new National records. Great year so far for music!
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    Is this the end of MOZZ?

    With the combination of his age and heath and his reluctance to sign to a smaller label, I wonder if we will ever get another record. He said he has 3 albums written but won't record because of his ego. The ones that are loosing out are his hardcore fans like us. I've been a fan for 28 years and...
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    New Mozz record?

    OK... Any news on the new record?? I know I'm beating a dead house here but is the record done but no label? Or no label and not recorded? I'm starting to lose faith. :sick:
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    "Dance Like Morrissey" video by Paul Brennan

    I admire the passion for Mozzer but what a LAME song. I mean.. Come on man.. how incredibly stupid and boring and absolutely terrible! Go hide in a hole for a few years and promise the world NEVER to play music again.. please please please
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    What album are you listening to right now?

    Suede - Bloodsports! It's pretty amazing. Not bad for a band thats been around for 24 years..
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    Suede - Bl00dsp0rts (New album)

    Suede Bl00dsp0rts, first Suede album in over 10 years! It's not bad, I'd give it a 7/10. "It starts and ends with you" is pretty good.
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