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    "Hand In Glove" from the Tokuma Japan edition of the "The Smiths" debut album.

    I hadn't heard before that version of Hand in glove. Of course I had heard Sandie Shaw's cover, but this one is so different! The mix is pretty much different and the audio is also so neat and clear. Probably you hardly note differences between this and other versions, but I think this is way...
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    Bootlegs/downloads sites directory

    --- This thread reply is in Spanish, should I bother translating it? --- IT CANNOT BE GIVEN AND SO IT MUST BE TAKEN Como ustedes bien saben yo soy partidario de la ideología "Si no te lo pueden dar, tómalo". Robo música, con el atenuante de que en su mayoría son tracks imposibles de...
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    Under the influence request

    Well, I'm available if it's within my possibilities. What do I have to do?
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    Under the influence request

    Several months later I thank you all for providing this CD rip. I'm sorry I can't help much with the mexican edits of the CDs, but what do you want them for? They're nothing special, really. I've seen some of them and they are a bit difficult to find but not expensive 'tho. They are just the...
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    Morrissey "Westwood One"

    And what are the contents of the CD's? Is there a tracklist?
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    Under the influence request

    Hello folks! Sorry for the inconvinience, I know I haven't done anything to deserve my request being considered, but please be kind. I've been a fan for three years now, I'm a 23 year-old from Mexico desperate to find the "Under the influence" CD, but it seems impossible 'round here. I haven't...
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