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  1. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Morrissey - Spent The Day In Bed - BBC Radio 2 broadcast mp3 + full 320kbps mp3

    Contrary to the majority here I really liked it. Its not The Smiths, its not early Morrissey either. It's new. Its different. Good on ya Mozzer!
  2. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    And i know, I'm not to blame

    Just had to share as it made me chuckle. My phone's facebook account started to sing to me today. #morrisseyworld, #morrisseysolo, #thesmiths
  3. boy_afraid_Liverpool


    I've a copy in really good condition for sale. Any offers?
  4. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Pre-show Videos 2014 - 2015

    The suicide poem in the video pre-gig on the world peace tour Does anyone know what that poem is called and who it is by?
  5. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Kevin Cummins exhibition of Morrissey & Smiths photos, Manchester 7 Mar- 7 April 2013

    The exhibition I popped in to the Kevin Cummings exhibition of Morrissey and smiths photography on my lunch today in Manchester. The photographs are fantastic, no question, the venue is an empty shop front with no flooring, and the photos are £995.00 each to buy (not framed). I'm a fan of the...
  6. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    exit calm

    They have an album already out, and a new one coming soon I think
  7. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    exit calm

    I dont know if anyone else has listened to these lads but I would recommend giving them a listen. This is the single they released yesterday.
  8. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    The Johnny Marr single

    I got my 7" of the new Johnny Marr single and was pleased to see a run off etching on both sides. "Everyday revolution" and "Revolution everyday" At least I think that is what it said, it was last night and I have slept since then. Single is good too, looking forward to getting the album.
  9. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Remixing "Kill Uncle" – If Ronson or Finn had been at the helm

    Ive not listened to it all yet, just two tracks, but for Tony the Pony alone its worth downloading, I really like what has been done to that. Wish the additional guitar in the middle was not as over powering on the vocal but still love it.
  10. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Is there a market for Smiths CD singles?

    Can someone who has sold before give me a bit of help. If I am selling these on E-bay am I best to sell them individually or as a job lot? Obviously if I do part with them then I want to see them achieve a decent price so I would appreciate any hints/tips.
  11. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Is there a market for Smiths CD singles?

    if anyone is interested drop me a private message
  12. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Is there a market for Smiths CD singles?

    I would be interested to know what they would be worth if I decided to. 2 Kids don't get cheaper as they get older!
  13. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Is there a market for Smiths CD singles?

    I have a few. Namely Panic (RTT193CD) ASK (RTT194CD) The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (RTT191CD) Barbarsim Begins At Home (RTT171CD) Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (RTT156CD) Last Night I dreamt that somebody loved me (RTT200CD) Stop Me If you think youve heard this one before (4...
  14. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Live In Warsaw (2009)

    Cheers for posting the entire show Drifter I appreciate it. Does anyone have the released CD, well the sections of the show that made it to the CD that is, that they can share? Obviously the quality of the released version will be a step up from the bootleg. Thanks in advance and once again...
  15. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Morrissey-solo Wiki launched Aug. 28, 2012

    I have always believed it to be fucked up Tony
  16. boy_afraid_Liverpool

    Live In Warsaw (2009)

    Does anyone have this to share? I presume by the packaging it was a freebie with Swords but I am not sure.
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