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    Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?

    Trump today: "I've always known this is a real -- this is a pandemic... I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic."
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    Diversity plasters

    If you're rich and you're white, you'll be alright....
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    The dreadful state of UK ticket sales

    Morrissey needs to take Jimmy Baldwin's name out of his mouth.
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    Geoff Travis on the Morrissey of today

    The Nazi Party was 100% anti-Marxist. Look no further than Hitler's rise to power. How he siphoned the Conservative vote in Germany and seized control (Machtergreifung) as soon as he saw the opportunity. If you refute this, you can go straight to hell.
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    Geoff Travis on the Morrissey of today

    "Confused" is not strong enough a word. He now claims the Nazis were Leftists. Someone has gotten to him. :(
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    Geoff Travis on the Morrissey of today

    17. Are you a socialist? I am. I don’t belong to any particular party but if I were to be stripped down, as it were, I would be shoved in the socialist box. Why? Just the very obvious things of coming from a working-class background, being exposed to hardships and the reality of life. I think...
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    Geoff Travis on the Morrissey of today

    Well, didn’t Morrissey consider himself a Socialist back then? Far from what he is today, sadly.
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    Johnny Marr tweets response to Smiths reunion rumours

    Nuts to that. Morrissey whole-heartedly deserved that, and more. For reasons best known to him, Morrissey hitched himself do that wagon. And there he'll stay.
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    Morrissey sells signed other peoples albums - NME, Louder Than War, Consequence of Sound

    In Mexico, I lay on the grass And I cried my heart out For want of my love, oh
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    Okay, this speaks volumes of how Morrissey views his critics. He is mentally circumventing those people that could actually be affected from Nationalist ideology. He is refusing to see that those that hate 'outsiders' are using his words against us. If you're rich and you're White, you'll be...
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    Morrissey Central: "Video" (October 2, 2019)

    Morrissey! Don't poison our culture. Take your ass back to Ireland! :rolleyes:
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    Washington Music Theater, Seattle, WA - cancelled

    Good! Anyone going to be at the Irvine protest? Chinga tu madre, Morrissey!
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    MozCentral: New Single - "It's Over" / "It Happens Every Time"; "Lady Willpower" scrapped

    Morrissey, for the love of God, let me do your goddamn artwork. It's HORRIBLE.
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    Gary Day got mad at me

    pretty douche move. leave people alone.
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    Morrissey Official FB/Twitter: "Over Hollywood this morning" (August 2, 2019)

    Honestly. Morrissey is overdue for a wellness check, because SER has been doing a number on Morrissey for a long while now. Remember the Bésame Mucho video?
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