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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Glasvegas in Athens next month.Small venue,their very first gig in Greece,cheap ticket,seems like a good call to miss.
  2. J

    From 1979 to present, which bands / solo artists had the best debut albums ?

    Very seriously good stuff here.All early 90 electronic/bristol/trip hop/progressive sounds stormed my early years of angst. All groups mentioned (could add Orbital,Dust Brothers to Juno Reactor and Man with no Name just a little bit later) led to an euphoric explotion,a light year leap ahead...
  3. J

    tell us about the last Film you saw

    TWO DAYS,ONE NIGHT Very touching,realistic,simplistic no thrills movie that could be the personal story of the person next door. I 'm living and surviving in Greece so it clicked me inside from the start.
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    Athens - Tae Kwon Do Arena (Dec. 15, 2014) post-show

    Well, total seated capacity of the venue is about 3.836.Was 8.000 during the olympics. Assuming that 3/4 were actually occupied plus people at the arena gives an estimated 4.500 crowd. On a 2008 Gary Moore gig,this venue -packed as Morrisseys recent one- had 5.000 spectators (and considered...
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    From 1979 to present, which bands / solo artists had the best debut albums ?

    Some of my own favorites: -Keane - Hopes and Fears -FSOL - Accelerator -Electronic -s/t -This Mortal Coil - It 'll end in Tears -Portishead - Dummy -Massive Attack - Blue Lines -Editors - The Back Room (how did i miss that?)
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    Athens - Tae Kwon Do Arena (Dec. 15, 2014) post-show

    Me & the wife.Solo shirts,tsipouro(greek vodka),beer,smokes,and a show to remember. Amazing in every possible way.Over 4.500 people attended.Thats all there is.
  7. J

    Athens postponed

    Re: Athens postponed Day after day you say one day-one day..
  8. J

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Cure is always an ear treat any time of the day.Should tube Fascination Street just before my morning coffee -any moment now- Charmless man by Blur on the radio right now.Silly tiny pleasure doing the nah-nah-nahs :)
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    What was the first album you ever bought ? Bonus: Has it stood the test of time, your time ?

    My very first vinyl was probably Police - Message in a bottle.Played it to death. The very first CD I bought was New Order - Technique.Excellent stuff,a real showcase of the digital era
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    Athens, Greece (Tae Kwon Do Arena, Dec. 5, 2014) date added -

    Just informed that tonight's Athens gig cancelled as seems that Moz lost his flight and can't make it on time. New gig date will be announced very soon.
  11. J

    What never played Solo b-side would you most like to hear sung on this European Tour ?

    oh does "I m playing easy to get" counts? Too bad it didn't make it but it's pure class
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