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    Are you not a true fan if you don't buy the releases?

    I do the same thing when I have a bad day! Smelling the shirt always makes me feel a little better. Takes me back to a wonderful memory.
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    Favourite single track from each of the 8 studio albums

    For sure! :) That's what makes me love it most. The ending is just too awesome.
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    Favourite single track from each of the 8 studio albums

    I think we are the only people who like this song best.
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    Worst song off the 8 studio albums?

    Viva - Break Up the Family Uncle - Asian Rut Arsenal - Certain People I Know Vauxhall - Spring-Heeled Jim Southpaw - The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils Maladjusted - Ambitious Outsiders Quarry - America Is Not The World Ringleader - Dear God Please Help Me
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    Favourite single track from each of the 8 studio albums

    1. Viva Hate - Late Night, Maudlin Street 2. Kill Uncle - King Leer 3. Your Arsenal - The National Front Disco 4. Vauxhall & I - Speedway 5. Southpaw Grammar - Do Your Best And Don't Worry 6. Maladjusted - Alma Matters 7. You are the Quarry - The World Is Full of Crashing Bores 8. Ringleader of...
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    Moz's retirement?!!

    There are always rumors going around that he'll retire, but I wouldn't believe it unless Moz said it himself. Actually, I might not even believe it then.
  7. A That's the best I can do.
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    The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

    I don't know if they're any good, but one of the old members has formed a new band called Brighton, MA. They're VERY good.
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    Is Kristeen Young opening througout the tour?

    For me it was wishful thinking. But I'm sure that every time I ever see Moz, she will be the opener.
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    Waukegan, IL show ticket info

    With that, I settled for row C orchestra seats. fvsdklfjlsdkfjlksjf. Ticketmaster screwed me over. I have row M. ...M for Morrissey?
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    Waukegan, IL show ticket info

    I don't think pit seats are on sale yet, and I'm dying for them. So...I'm waiting until tomorrow. And I really hope that's the right thing to do, because I'm passing up some good orchestra seats.
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    Waukegan, IL show ticket info

    That password was right. Did anyone get Orchestra Pit seats? I refreshed the page the second the presale started, and I couldn't manage to make any come up.
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    Waukegan, IL show ticket info

    I really hope this is right... "The one and only Morrissey (whose voice you'll instantly recognize from 80's band The Smiths) will be playing a few shows at the end of October and beginning of November. Presale tickets will be available here for the show at Genesee Theatre in Waukegan when you...
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    The NME's take on the TTY announcement

    Well enough to not care if everything is accurate.
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    Waukegan, IL show ticket info

    I am really anxious. I need the presale password, nooooowww. Oh well. I'm sure we'll get it soon. WE HAVE to.
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    Milwaukee pics?

    I might be the one with shortish reddish brown hair. But I'm not sure, haha. On another note, pictures are up here: None of the stage invaders, though. :(
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    Milwaukee Stage Invaders

    Well, he had a heat stroke right after the show, while we were still in the venue. From lack of sleep and not having eaten the entire day. And the security guards tried to feed him, but he wanted chicken. That's why I asked. But no, there was no chicken at the show, haha.
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    Milwaukee pics?

    I think I may have been standing by you?
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