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  1. left out

    Are you scared about this?

    Welcome, Ms Ann Thrope, Yes, to make the most of every day, and to stop fretting about the past or worrying about possible futures. Just be. Now. I keep a skull in my room to remind me, yet I still waste the hours, fret and frown, I suppose I don't dwell on Death too much because I...
  2. left out

    Are you scared about this?

    When I was younger death passed me by. I saw the people around me mourning but didn't feel anything, and somehow thought I should. But I didn't. It may be different now, I'm not looking forward to finding out. I don't want to die feeling like I havn't made the most of my opportunities. We...
  3. left out

    how many singles out there or should i say lonley hearts

    Good point. It's about being yourself but also giving the other person space to be themself, without too much expectation. Two friends talking at work; A says "relationships are about compromise, to a certain extent" B says "Relationships are about how much you can get away with" guess...
  4. left out

    Benazir Bhutto Killed

    Shit! This is terrible. She was brave to go back, knowing it could happen. :(
  5. left out

    DR Who

    BLINK :eek: No don't. DONT It's on tonight BBC3 7pm Speak of the Angels...
  6. left out

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Are the teachers looking forward to the end of term more than the students? Hardly seems possible when you are a child, but I know some teachers, and I think they do.
  7. left out

    My Entire Poerty Collection

    Thanks for sharing Robert Neville. I particularly liked "What if we stopped". :)
  8. left out

    'That's How People Grow Up' - Zane Lowe Premiere...

    Mercifully, it has faded fast from my memory and rather than put it to the test I'll be more than pleased to take your word on that one. It's a bit premature to put THPGU on the GHs I think. Will probably splash in at no.18 and sink without trace the next week.
  9. left out

    'That's How People Grow Up' - Zane Lowe Premiere...

    Originally Posted by Roma De Moz I said it before, and I'll say it again. Ringleader, for all it's faults, was a closure-album. Songs like "Dear God", "Future", "Pigsty", "At Last I Am Born"...they end the Morrissey saga in predictably resolved fashion by finally proclaiming: yes, I've...
  10. left out


    Amazing, Kewpie! Thanks for your contributions to this site.
  11. left out

    DR Who

    Anyone know if the "Blink" story is being repeated? That was the scariest TV for a long time.....:eek:
  12. left out

    'Jack The Ripper' studio on this GH outing..

    Hmmm. I accidentally set this computer up with American English when I got it and it keeps trying to "correct" my spelling. Driving me nuts. How do I change it?
  13. left out

    "That's How People Grow Up" is the new single

    Tut. Weak track, not deserving to be on any album. "All you need is me" has grown on me, but THPGU is desperately adolescent. Won't win any new audience with that.
  14. left out

    How long do tickets take to arrive?

    I ordered from the venue, but ticket hasn't arrived yet. Phoned them and they said, "we're very busy, it's probably in a pile waiting to be sent". But when I ordered they said "a few days" which is what Kewpie got. :confused:
  15. left out

    Jonze's reaction to the current front page story

    It's worth reading all the comments in this blog ^^^. Many different views are expressed on immigration, race and the need for informed debate. About the relevance of the NME and the quality of Jonze's reporting. But very little that agrees with Jonze's opinions. Will the original...
  16. left out

    Tim Jonze wanted to be harsher on Morrissey!

    From his clarification Jonze is suggesting that he has not seen the finished article as it was published. 1) He was paid to do the interview, but the NME didn't send him a copy, even knowing that there would be a big fuss and Jonze would be asked to comment on it? 2) Jonze has been unable to...
  17. left out

    Why Morrissey is right on immigration!

    I want to note first what we are discussing are comments attributed to Morrissey in a negative article in the NME. Without the full text of the interview we cannot be clear about what was said or meant. From previous interviews Morrissey has shown nostalgia for a dear old England that has long...
  18. left out

    New NME Morrissey interview???

    Worm; "Sir Andrew Green is the chairman of Migrationwatch UK." This group speaks from a "restrict-immigration" agenda and so does not represent a balanced view. Take a look at articles in recent Independent newspaper or Guardian newspaper. You can find them online...for a more wide ranging...
  19. left out

    New NME Morrissey interview???

    The only way to know what was really said is to see a full transcript of the interview, without editing or interpretations. Shouldn't be difficult to put the matter straight since I assume both parties would have taped it. Anyway, we wait and see.
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