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  1. northernleech

    The / Trojan Records image - Morrissey official Facebook

    Owned by bmg since 2014... previously owned by umg and sanctuary and originally island records... all ex moz labels too
  2. northernleech

    Michael Stipe Mentions Morrissey in interview

    I remember reading a review of rem in about 1986 that mentioned them being the US Smiths ... I bought Life's Rich Pageant because of the comparison ... I didn't see the association musically but the group dynamic I quickly saw... both great bands who had great success without playing the game...
  3. northernleech

    Michael Stipe Mentions Morrissey in interview

    Album was "accelerate" ... Peter Buck had said he would leave if they didn't do a more "guitar" album ... it's just over 30 minutes long and is great ... living well , not noise is the best revenge indeed
  4. northernleech

    Johnny Marr on close relationships in The Smiths, Paul McCartney advice after split (BBC Music, MEN)

    I hav I have read 2/3 of the book tonight far as the split. And what comes across is how proud johnny is of the band , the music , and what they achieved with such haphazard management. He doesn't really slag moz off at all . It's quite poignant in places where his and the moz book...
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    TTY: The Queen is Dead - UK vinyl charts

    I still pass through here , on the way to somewhere civilised and indeed I still work for hmv who do indeed still exist Vinyl is big business for us now , and though the qty sold is not huge , the smiths vinyls always pretty much top our best sellers ... TQID and Hatful especially... and it's...
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    "List of the Lost" physical copy picture posted by @ariel_mcdowall / Twitter

    Its the best cover art of anything moz has put his name to since .....?
  7. northernleech

    "List of the Lost" physical copy picture posted by @ariel_mcdowall / Twitter

    I had a flick thru it at work this afternoon ... it mentions muscular youths on page 1 and names the 4 characters . Cannot remember the names but none are hispanic ... more like Dallow , Spicer etc etc . Sentences seem too full of themselves to give an easy narrative. .. hmv are giving away a...
  8. northernleech

    TTY: List of the Lost, number one

    The lovely guys n dolls at hmv will be giving away a free cover art poster with every purchase of the book while stock lasts ... one per copy bought . No details on what size but for autobiography it was an a3 i think .. maybe a2 ??? Standard 7.99 price i believe too.... fyi
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    TTY: Morrissey's novel "List of the Lost" out in September

    He lives for the written word , and people come second or possibly third .... He needs a forceful editor but i dont think that will have been the case .. would love it to be good but not hopeful
  10. northernleech

    TTY: Morrissey first-try demo tracks posted (from 2008 "Years Of Refusal" sessions)

    I love the little gulp of air noise he makes after the ect hrt bit ... shudda kept that in if it was deliberate ... funny
  11. northernleech

    Cilla Black has died at 72; TTY Morrissey statement

    A lovely little tribute by moz ... that wont get reported tho . I saw cilla in the isle of wight years ago as a kid and blind date was a saturday must in the late 80s... did the housework today with cilla playing and her choice of songs was quite eclectic
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    "Speedway" at Madison Square Garden video by Sam Esty Rayner

    gustavo is almost showing us his religion in those pants... bet moz loves it This version shows us how moz really does not care for his fans and is totally self indulgent ... one of his most loved songs and the climax of the lyrical thrust and he spends it limply banging a tambourine . The last...
  13. northernleech

    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    Re: TTY: September UK Dates I always thought that after the sage gig in 2006 , he seemed pissed off with newcastle .... i know he did the metro arena late 2006 but that was a bit of a cash cow ...its a pity because city hall 2004 was brilliant and i am old enough to have attended your...
  14. northernleech

    Article: HMV exclusive limited gold vinyl pressings of "Viva Hate","Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall & I"

    Just back from my holibobs and giving mine a spin as i tap away .... quite sturdy vinyl and bit of a swirl on them your arsenal has a slight jump right at beginning of side 2 .... other than that ok . I have opened them ... had a look at the gatefold ...then resealed carefully and kept the...
  15. northernleech

    Article: HMV exclusive limited gold vinyl pressings of "Viva Hate","Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall & I"

    Re: New limited pressings of Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, and Vauxhall & I from HMV It goes off individual stores vinyl footage ... newcastle has 40ft of vinyl and the next nearest store is sunderland and they have 5ft so it is pro rata .... makes sense to me . Birmingham bullring will i...
  16. northernleech

    Article: HMV exclusive limited gold vinyl pressings of "Viva Hate","Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall & I"

    I can cast a light on this ... have known about this since last week but we couldnt talk about it Every store is getting a minimum of 2 copies of each .... 19.99 is the price on our system... no preorders being taken it is 1st come on the day ... i work in newcastle store and we are getting 10...
  17. northernleech

    Nottingham - Capital FM Arena (Mar.13, 2015) post-show

    Wonder if "tie me in Notts" was a nod to sleaford mods track "tied up in Notts"
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