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  1. Midnight

    Hand In Glove 7"

    Is it possible for someone to post some pictures of both the cover and the record of the Hand In Glove 7" (with the Manchester address)?
  2. Midnight

    Bootleg LP question

    Taken from Does anyone know how much this is worth, or could value it?
  3. Midnight

    Request: Rare tracks

    If anyone could possibly reupload Born to Hang, Heir Apparent and The Edges are No Longer Parallel that would be brilliant - they've been lost in a computer malfunction.
  4. Midnight

    Morrissey's performance @ Pinkpop Festival live stream

    His performance at Pinkpop Festival is going to be broadcast live via webstream today. You can find the stream here: - click on WEBTV under the Live tab to view. He is set to appear on stage at 7.45pm Netherlands time, so be sure to do the...
  5. Midnight

    Request: The Smiths - Assembly Rooms, Derby 7/12/1983

    Does anyone have this gig that they could share?
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