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  1. fastpulseboy

    how nice...

    ........Sitting in the sun on my balkony and out of the record player comes King Leer It's gonna be a good day
  2. fastpulseboy

    Morrissey & Smiths in Israelian film; Ha-Buah (The Bubble)

    Nice movie. A guy in the movie works in a recordshop and obviously likes Morrissey! Soms stills:
  3. fastpulseboy

    some girls 12" what is it worth?

    ...or what would you give for it.
  4. fastpulseboy

    other music on a morrissey/smiths evening

    What other music do you think should definately be played on a morrissey/smiths night?
  5. fastpulseboy

    von sudenfed

    anyone else here who is really into Von Sudenfed here? Von Sudenfed is Mouse on Mars with Mark E. Smith... for those who have no idea; made me LOL!
  6. fastpulseboy

    education in reverse

    does anybody know what the viva hate lp is worth, with the title education in reverse?
  7. fastpulseboy

    how soon is now? Morrissey/smiths tribute night Nijmegen, Netherlands june 22

    yes...... for the dutch (and maybe some german and belgian fans) a great tribute night in Holland! 22 june at "merleyn" (Nijmegen)
  8. fastpulseboy

    anyone interested in some old shirts? (NOT MINT)

    I have some really old and worn shirts. Maybe interested?
  9. fastpulseboy

    dusseldorf afterparty?

    does anyone here know if there will be a morrissey/smiths night in dusseldorf after the concert december 15?
  10. fastpulseboy

    brussles ticket wanted

    has anybody have some spare tickets for brussles?
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