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    White barber shop T-shirt, size M, like new, sold out at Mporium

    The shirt is unworn and in like-new condition. 25€ + postage
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    Champion Leader – When Morrissey Finally Dies (EP)

    Came across this by accident
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    for sale -- 2x The Cure standing tickets Stuttgart show 06.11.16

    I have 2 standing tickets for the Stuttgart Show for sale. I will let them go for 110€ (both tickets). Pickup or personal handover in the area of Frankfurt or Darmstadt
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    1 Standing ticket needed for Berlin Tempodrom 16.08.16

    I'm desperately looking for a ticket for the 16.08. show in Berlin since I missed the ticket sale yesterday :tears: So if anyone is willing to sell a ticket, please contact me. But I can't pay more than 75€ :(
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    Selling some double CD copies (nothing rare)

    I need to clear out my CD shelf, so I'm selling these double CD copies I have: Morrissey - The best of (2001) (ex) -- 3€ Morrissey - Suedehead MCD (ex) -- 2€ Morrissey - Kill Uncle (sire) (vg, cut-out) -- 3€ Morrissey - Greatest Hits 2CD Edition (misproduction, CD1 was/is missing) (ex) --...
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    Mitfahrgelegenheit / lift Frankfurt <---> Köln 01.10.15

    Ich suche jemanden aus dem Raum Frankfurt, der zum Konzert in Köln am 01.10. fährt und mich eventuell hin und wieder zurück mitnehmen könnte. Die Spritkosten würde man sich dann natürlich teilen. Bei Interesse einfach melden!
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    Need Help with revising book - Morrissey Fan needed - Frankfurt (FFM) area

    Need Help with revising book - Morrissey Fan needed To get to the point right away: I've been working on a book that compiles all lyrics to Morrissey's solo songs and furthmore gives some background information on songs, albums and so on. I'm nearly finished with the book, but need some...
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    Physical release of WPINOYB Single on 23rd June

    I don't know if it's legit but it would be great.
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    Strange Morrissey Box Set

    Did anyone come across this Box Set sometime? I couldn't find any information about it. I guess it's just a selfmade box packed with standard releases, but it's interesting though...
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    Late Night, Maudlin Street Promotion Video

    Is there really a promotion video for "Late Night, Maudlin Street" in existence? Never saw or even heard of it. I just wonder because I came across this auction.
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    “Fans” Project by James Mollison

    I don't know if someone posted this before, but I came across this project on It features also a picture of "typical" Morrissey fans. “Over three years I photographed fans outside different concerts. I was fascinated by the different tribes of people that attended them, and...
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    Record stores in London

    I'm going to travel to London next week and I'm looking for some record stores where you can buy some morrissey and smiths stuff, especially vinyl . So can anyone name some nice addresses?
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    Show off your collection

    I tought it would be great to have a thread where you can post your collection (or at least a part of it) no matter which music format or artist. So feel free to post images of your treasures. Exiciting background stories or detailed statements desirable. To get started, that's my small...
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    The Smiths Debut LP German Promo on Ebay

    Just found this on ebay: It's No. 167
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    Live Hamburg 91 bootleg

    I bought this bootleg lp together with some other morrissey and smiths records, but I couldn't find any information about it. Does anybody know what it's worth?
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    Southpaw Grammar promo

    I would like to know if this is a official promotion cd of southpaw grammar. There is a gold promotion stamp on the front cover and the booklet features no photos or images. So is it anything worth?
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