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  1. dailyalice

    "Inception" Trailer - Marr contributes

    This was put up on Johnny Marr's website a couple of weeks ago: It says Johnny contributed to the soundtrack. Link to Marr's website: It also says the Cribs are going to be playing June 24 at Kingston.
  2. dailyalice

    Happy Birthday, Morrissey!

    I know it's still officially a couple hours early but I just can't wait. Besides, it's his birthday already in Germany I'm sure. Happy Birthday, Morrissey!:love: I hope you have a fantastic day :flowers::bow::flowers: Lots of love
  3. dailyalice

    A Wilhelm Scream This punk rock band has a song titled "Me vs Morrissey In The Pretentious Contest (The Ladder Match). I wonder if they're referring to our dear one, although I can't find any direct information about the song. The lyrics aren't much help...
  4. dailyalice

    Morrissey's impact on world culture

    I got this question from a high school employee of mine: I could really use your Morrissey expertise, if you dont mind me asking.. but, I'm Doing a Report For School, for my history class. it's on how Music movements and people affected history and World Culture. so i was wondering if you...
  5. dailyalice

    Morrissey's in France

    I can't be the only one that noticed (after swimming in tears and gratitude for the content of his letter) that Morrissey is in France. France? Any one care to speculate as to where/why/for how long and why didn't any of you living in England notice him leaving? :p
  6. dailyalice

    Moz bio on PR website

    I've lost the link. There was a very cool 3-4 page bio of Moz on his US PR website. I printed it but an employee lost it. Does anyone remember where it is? Thanks.
  7. dailyalice

    TQID CD no label

    I bought it back in 1990? 91? and the CD has no label. How many were like this?
  8. dailyalice

    Why does Morrissey wear Morrissey T-shirts?

    I think it's adorable. For those of you who think it's uncool to wear a Morrissey shirt to a Morrissey concert, I wonder what you think of Morrissey wearing a Morrissey t-shirt to his own life... Anyway, I was bored and came up with 10 funny reasons why he might wear them. 1. He spent a...
  9. dailyalice

    Where is Morrissey?

    I just want to know. Does anyone have any more recent information since he was mentioned as being in London a few weeks ago?
  10. dailyalice

    I like Johnny Marr

    Just to balance it out. Johnny is a very talented songwriter and guitarist, and without him we never would have found Morrissey. He's a great guy!
  11. dailyalice

    Maladjusted studio?

    Does anyone know where Maladjusted was recorded? Thanks.
  12. dailyalice

    Ross mention?

    I heard that J Ross mentioned something about Moz being in London but can't find any info. Any links would be greatly appreciated.
  13. dailyalice

    Where were the Quarry tracks recorded?

    Another stupid question. The YATQ sleeve says "Recorded at Conway Studios in Los Angeles and Sarm Hook End in Berkshire" Does anyone know which tracks or portions of tracks were recorded where? Also, does anyone know the general date (year at least, month would be great) when each song was...
  14. dailyalice

    ROTT strings musicians?

    The ROTT booklet lists who wrote and arranged and produce the additional strings on "Dear God Please Help Me" but not who actually played the instruments. Anyone know? And the writer - Ennio Morricone? That looks suspiciously like some kind of anagram/hidden Moz joke to me.
  15. dailyalice

    "I Knew I Was Next" band

    The specific artists aren't mentioned on the You Have Killed Me sleeve or the Swords booklet. I'm assuming Boz, Alain, Jesse, Gary and Michael, but I don't know if drums were Matt Chamberlain or Maurizio (who played on Good Looking Man). I also don't know if Alain provided any backing vocals...
  16. dailyalice

    My second thought when Obama was elected

    My first thought was "Thank God." My second thought was I wanted to call up Morrissey and ask him, "Can we say something to you now to make you believe?" It was one of my secret joys of Obama getting elected - now Morrissey would be happy and impressed with us!
  17. dailyalice

    Only 5 shopping months left

    It's only 5 months until Morrissey's birthday! What should we get for him this year?
  18. dailyalice

    Rare tracks wanted

    Does anyone have one for sale? I don't have the time or patience to deal with eBay. Thanks!
  19. dailyalice

    Foet F. Paul Wilson (author of the Repairman Jack series) tweeted this video this morning. It's well done and extremely creepy. The social commentary and philosophical implications apply to meat eating as well.
  20. dailyalice

    Morrissey incense?

    Does Morrissey have a preferred incense that he uses at shows?
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