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  1. mozmal

    Wanted: 2 standing tickets for Manchester gig

    I know the chances are very slim, but if anyone has 2 standing tickets for Manchester on 20th August available, I'm willing to pay the ticket price, plus any booking fees, etc. Here's hoping.
  2. mozmal

    Mick Ronson's grave

    Finally located the great Mick Ronson's grave today. I knew he was buried in this cemetery, but could never find the precise location. One of, if not the most talented musician to ever come from Hull. His skills as a musician, arranger and producer, etc, are legendary. He arranged Life on...
  3. Uncleskinny

    Fifteen minutes with Mikey Farrell - Julie Hamill

    Julie's latest great interview... Fifteen Minutes with Mikey V Farrell, Keyboardist with Morrissey 2004-2008 - Julie Hamill
  4. mozmal

    Almost 30 years ago...

    I shared the original letters and postcards on here years ago, but have just found the envelopes with Morrissey's familiar scrawl again. I thought I'd spread a bit of joy on here and let you see them. You can still make out the Rough Trade stamp. Them was good days! Moz3 by mozmal, on...
  5. mozmal

    Morrissey discussed on BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce show The new album, the audio book, and the latest controversy. It all starts at 1:40.45. Go on, you know you want to.
  6. Bluebirds

    "The 10 best legal wrangles in pop - in pictures" - The Guardian

    And in at number 7: The 10 best legal wrangles in pop – in pictures - The Guardian Claim and counterclaims in the high court of rock'n'roll, involving Jennifer Nelson and the song Happy Birthday, Neil Young, Courtney Love Cobain and Morrissey among others Joyce v Morrissey and others, 1989...
  7. mozmal

    British Masters - Johnny Marr

    Don't know if this has already been posted on here (couldn't be bothered to look for it), but here's a really nice interview with Johnny by John Doran. Bet you didn't know that The Smiths went to see Van Halen!
  8. billybu69

    The Smiths - The Ultimate Music Guide! Uncut special on sale Mar. 14

    I like Uncut this could be good. Although obviously nothing new. The Smiths - The Ultimate Music Guide! Uncut special on sale this week - Uncut Excerpt: Shameless plug coming your way! This Thursday, March 14, the next in our ongoing series of Ultimate Music Guides hits the shops. This one...
  9. mozmal

    Andy Rourke's arrest - 1987

    Just found this original cutting on Andy Rourke's arrest for heroin possession. Published in the Sun (scum) and written by everybody's favourite 'journalist' Garry Bushell. Enjoy. Rourke by mozmal, on Flickr
  10. mozmal

    The new Photography thread

    Just noticed that the excellent photography thread has been archived. Here's my effort to resurrect the thread and get things moving again. I've recently relocated to the Lake District, so I shall bore you all stupid with landscapes from England's most beautiful area. I hope I can do it...
  11. mozmal

    Manchester standing ticket for sale - face value

    Due to a complete time waster on eBay, I still have 1 standing ticket for Manchester for sale at the face value of £51.50, plus £2 for secure postage. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]
  12. mozmal

    Manchester - Standing ticket for sale

    Having already advertised this ticket on here previously, with no apparent interest, it's now on ebay. No reserve price.
  13. mozmal

    Manchester 28th July standing ticket for sale.

    Yes, that's right, I have 1 standing ticket for sale. I missed out, as did many other real fans, so had to resort to desperate measures. I just bought 2 from ebay, they cost me £140 for the pair. If you want it and are willing to pay £70, just PM me. Here's the link to the auction I won...
  14. mozmal

    Salford Lad documentary - part 2

    Hello. Does anyone have a copy of this that they could upload somewhere?
  15. mozmal

    Muslamic infidel!

    This is just hilarious.
  16. mozmal

    I'm back

    I've been away in the Lake District since Sunday, so haven't been on here in almost a week. Have I missed anything?
  17. mozmal

    York & Grimsby videos

    After some positive responses and a change of heart, I've decided to upload the videos I shot at York and Grimsby. Shooting both of these gigs was difficult, this was due to the increased security and people taller than me stood right in front. But never mind, here, in its entirety and...
  18. mozmal

    Let's see a show of hands

    Having uploaded lots of videos/bootlegs in the past, the amount of feedback has usually been rubbish. So this time I'm doing it reverse, let me know if you want to see more videos like this from York and Grimsby. I shall then upload to Youtube and make available for download. Here is a clip...
  19. mozmal


    I have a spare standing ticket for Grimsby, it's yours for the face value. PM me if you want it. Form an orderly queue.
  20. mozmal


    I have one standing ticket available for the York gig. I don't have it in hand as I'm collecting the tickets at the venue on the day. If you're interested, PM me and we'll arrange it. :) I did forget to mention that I only want the face value.
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