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  1. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    I am officially smarter than 87.61% of Americans...are you?

    When an ad banner at the top of OT invites you to "take the test to find out how dumb you are", how can you resist? Take the dumb test and let us know how you fare. Coiff.
  2. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    "The British don't care about anyone; they just care about the money."

    Interesting article from today's Observer, documenting the stories of 12 young immigrants to Britain. The following is a shortened edit. Coiff.
  3. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Counting Crows Launch Bootleg Download Site - Free Show Available! :guitar: Coiff.
  4. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    If English is not your 1st language, how did you learn it?

    Just to satisfy my own curiosity really. There are an amazing number of people on here, for whom English is not their native tongue, and yet they write very fluently in it. I'd be interested to know what methods you employed to start/aid your learning. Did you learn everything you know at...
  5. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Public Apology thread...

    I'd like to take the opportunity to apologise publicly for my attitude to several members in a thread earlier this week. Firstly, Corrissey, who created a Memorial Day thread to honour fallen soldiers, only for me to hijack it with my rather crudely stated political rant. It was unnecessary and...
  6. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Billy Bragg Frink Thread...Oh go on, have a peek!

    You know you want to indulge your Bard of Barking fantasies. This is the place to 'offload,' if you will...:o:p Coiff.
  7. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    The new R.E.M. record - What Do You Think Of It?

    So Accelerate's been out a few weeks now, it's had an overwhelmingly positive reception in the press, but there's one test it hasn't yet passed...the SoLow SaySo. Vote or die, bitches... Coiff.
  8. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

    Can't believe I'm the first one to start this thread, I thought there was a lot of Irish activity on here?! Anyway, Happy St. Paddy's! Coiff.
  9. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    14 Steps To A Better World

    In response to the current deluge of threads about religion, animal rights, freedom of speech etc, I've decided to post the '14 Precepts' by Buddhist monk, scholar and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh. I strongly believe that if more people were to follow these simple guiding principles...
  10. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    REQ: Joy Division 'Ceremony' demo

    I understand there's a few demo versions around of JD performing what would become New Order's first single. I'd love to hear this song with Curtis on vocals, cause as much as I love Barney, he ain't no Ian. If anyone has a version of this to upload, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks in...
  11. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    REQ: Video/Audio of U2's Brooklyn Bridge Concert 2004

    Wondering if anyone has either video footage or an audio recording of the gig that U2 played under Brooklyn Bridge on, I believe, 22nd November 2004? The set list is as follows; 1. Vertigo 2. All Because of You 3. Miracle Drug 4. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" –...
  12. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    REQ: Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils (high-quality live version)

    Anybody have a high quality live version of this classic tune to share? At present I only have Buenos Aires 2000, which is not so good. Radio broadcast or good soundboard recording would be great. Thanks in advance. :) Coiff.
  13. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    NYC Review on BBC America's Anglophenia blog

    Not sure if anyone's seen this. Nice little review of one of the Hammerstein shows by BBC America's resident anglophile blogger... Anglo For Your Ear: My Tribute to Morrissey and The Smiths While I've been a Moz fanatic for about eight years now, but I was a Morrissey virgin in every way...
  14. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Interpol bootlegs anyone?

    Quite keen to get my hands on some good quality Interpol boots, preferably with stuff from the latest album. Anybody got something they're willing to upload? I'd be very grateful. Thanks, Coiff.
  15. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Req: If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me

    Could some kind person please upload this song? I own the 7-inch of TYWTML, but not the CD, so I was never able to have a 'digital' version I could put on my iPod. I'd be very grateful... :) Coiff.
  16. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    What's Your Music Format Of Choice?

    OK, so I've had many a debate about this issue. I'm a complete vinyl junkie, and I don't think you can beat the hiss and crackle of the needle as you press play on a turntable. CDs are so unromantic. But I'm all for democracy, so let's throw it open for the vote... Coiff.
  17. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    What's Your Verdict On The Madeleine McCann Case?

    It's been 4 months now, and now it seems the police are accelerating their case against Kate and Gerry McCann. They may well be charged with their daughter's murder in the next few days. So after everything you've seen and read, what do you think happened? Obviously this is purely speculative...
  18. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Anyone know any good record shops... Birmingham? I'm going there this weekend and I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations? Past experience tells me my search may be futile... Coiff.
  19. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    Morrissey:Scandal And Passion by David Bret

    I was wondering what people's thoughts on this book are? It's for sale in my local bookshop for £5. Is it worth the money or should I save and buy The Severed Alliance or Songs That Saved Your Life instead? From the reviews I've read on Amazon it seems like one big attempt to drag Moz out of the...
  20. Coiffeur_En_Flame

    SNS22 Banned?

    Anyone know what's going on there? Under what circumstances was he banned? Terrible shame, I always found his posts very entertaining and he was a first-class bootleg sharer. Long may his battle against those who withhold concerts continue... Memorial thread anyone? Coiff.
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