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  1. pretorius

    Best of 6 Music Live 2017

    Includes Moz link below cheers
  2. pretorius

    Moz company

    There is actually a real company called MOZ... .. .
  3. pretorius

    The Queen is Dead:vinyl boxset 2017 re-release

    Hi Everyone, I was thinking of buying the above, but what are the views of the 2017 re-issue, or even the vinyl boxset. I already have the original release, and this is quite expensive, with being £50 to £80. I have read mixed reviews. cheers
  4. pretorius

    My Love...

    I just ordered this on Amazon....:)
  5. pretorius

    Morrissey day in Liverpool (Feb. 22, 2018)

    Hi all, I thought I would post this link, Liverpool are having a Morrissey day on Feb 22nd, at the "British Music Experience" at the Cunard Buildings, which is perfect as I am going to see him in Leeds the following Saturday.
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