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  1. Mozzaa

    Who Have/Are You Voting For?

    As today's the big day wondering who everyons voting for?
  2. Mozzaa

    The Morrissey Michael Jackson Phenomenon

    There Isn't One I Just Thought I'd Take The Michael :cool: Out Of The Diana One :guitar:
  3. Mozzaa

    New Single for October?

    With the extra dates added for the U.K anyone think there may be another single from YOR or maybe a brand new track/E.P released for the occasion? Or maybe if all the tickets go on friday afew more dates? We know there are a couple more songs yet to be released, so do you think they'll be used...
  4. Mozzaa

    The Operation 'Guitar Riff' Stolen?

    Listening to the SG reissue and after the exhausting intro of The Operation around the 2:21 mark to 2:38. Those bits on guitar sound awfully familiar to the guitar riff in The 'Verses' To Panic.. Anyone else hear this or is it just me? :blushing:
  5. Mozzaa

    Manics at Glasto 2003 bootleg

    has anyone anywhere got the Manics at Glasto in 2003 and pllleaaassseeee could they upload it. I'm finding it impossible to find it the 1999 and 2007 were easy too find but not the 2003 one. Please someone save me from going mental
  6. Mozzaa

    would some kind soul

    please upload Maximum Morrissey and the Smiths. the old link on here is dead :( and i'd really like it. Thanks Guys and gals
  7. Mozzaa

    Doves New Single.

    Anyone Got Any thoughts On The Doves New Single Kingdom Of Rust? Having never really got into the Doves before i thought their new single was really blindingly good. Think there going to be the 'Elbow story' of 2009!
  8. Mozzaa

    Therapy? version of Vicar In A Tutu

    Lost My Smiths Is Dead Cd With This On Anyhelp Please???? Only One I Haven't Manged To Retrive
  9. Mozzaa

    Ryan McGinley

    i met him at the leeds concert last year and he took some photos of myself after the show. he said there was going to be a book released in around didn't so i got curious....but luckliy i met him again at the g-mex shows and said there is still going to be one jus unsure of the...
  10. Mozzaa

    What Morrissey Song To Cover..

    Well I Am Thinking Of Covering A Morrissey Song, But Not Sure Which To Cover. THe Problem Is It's Just ME And A Guitar So Is Harder To Choose Than It Would Be In A Band... I Was Thinking More Of His Early Solo Career, I Was thinking Jack The Ripper, Anyone Think Of A Early Moz Song Say...
  11. Mozzaa

    Anyone Getting The Train From Leeds To The Shows Fr And Sat

    Just Wondered If Anyone Is Getting The Train From Leeds On Friday And Saturday? i'm getting the 10:08 am train from leeds both days, if anyones up for meeting on train so it isn't all that lonley let me know:o Kyle
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