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  1. Gregor Samsa

    Poll Best lost demo - including the ones from 2018 and 2020

    As per Thewlis’ request.
  2. Gregor Samsa

    Morrissey album guide in Swedish music blog 482 MHz

    482 MHz has done an in-depth run through of Mozzer’s solo career. Each album thoroughly reviewed and also rated.
  3. Gregor Samsa

    Swedish review by Niklas Lövgren - IANADOAC 8/10 Very long, thorough review. Easily the most positive Swedish review. Most (all?) of the previous ones have been whiny, formulaic and shallow. “His best album in a very, very long time.” Standout songs are Jim, River...
  4. Gregor Samsa

    Live at Earls Court - proshoot video footage

    Someone just posted this on Instagram: Does anyone know where to find the entire show? I have the cd, of course, but I would love to have video footage, as well. Cheers
  5. Gregor Samsa

    Morrissey's connection to Billy Idol

    So does anyone know why Moz picked Billy Idol as his supporting act? I love Billy, but they are an unlikely match. Of course, they're both sprung from punk, they were both huge in the 80's, both vegetarian, both crooners. But still.
  6. Gregor Samsa

    Elvis Presley's 80th birthday

    Couldn't find a good enough Elvis thread to bump, so I'll start a new one. Today's Elvis' 80th birthday. Are we celebrating? I hope you do.
  7. Gregor Samsa

    REQUEST: Janice Long 2008

    Hi Is there anyone here who's able to re-upload the Janice Long interview from October 2008? I think I missed it at the time (can't recall hearing it) and I never miss a Moz-interview. I would be immensly happy and grateful. Here's the original thread...
  8. Gregor Samsa

    Request: I Know Who I Love

    I've been craving for this for ages. Does anyone have it? Anyone? Cheers
  9. Gregor Samsa

    The Morrissey influences

    Let's discuss his influences and your own personal feelings towards them. Like them? Dislike them? Etc... Personally I feel that The Moz has got great taste in pretty much everything; books, music, film... He's helped me discover some great stuff like Billy Fury, A.E Housman, Oscar Wilde...
  10. Gregor Samsa

    Stop me if you think you've heard this one before

    What is this song about? The lyrics, I mean... Been trying to figure it out for some time now, but with no luck. Anyone else got a clue? Cheers...
  11. Gregor Samsa

    Sweetie Pie

    Could someone please provide me with Morrissey's Sweetie Pie on Mp3 format? The thing is I live in Sweden and the single doesn't seem to be released here and I am desperate to hear this B-side... The lyrics are incredible, some of his best in a while! Hope you can help me... //GS
  12. Gregor Samsa

    New single...

    Why the hell isn't it available in Sweden yet? Neither of the big online cd-stores have any info regarding it's release... Does anybody have the answers? I really wanna hear Sweetie Pie!
  13. Gregor Samsa

    The new setlist...

    ...Is amazing! Please, please please let me get what I want, Disappointed, William, it was really nothing, Dear God please help me, Panic... Quite more enjoyable than the one from this spring.... Even though he was amazing then as well...
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