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  1. Buzzetta

    10 Years... where did the time go?

    I don't come around these parts much if at all anymore... but I still drift around from time to time. Most all my favs are with me on FB. Hope all is well... But ten years... where did all the time go? Backward Down the Number Line - Phish here is some fluff... Catch ya round
  2. Buzzetta

    All Seems Steady as She Goes

    Carry on
  3. Buzzetta

    Request: 2012-10-12 - Terminal 5: Night 1

    Seeing if this has emerged in the last two years.
  4. Buzzetta

    Hmm Summer Tour

  5. Buzzetta

    Request: 2012-10-12 - Terminal 5: Night 1

    Anyone have a copy?
  6. Buzzetta

    Deadmau5 Request:

    USA sucks lately... my usual sources for this have dried up.... Anyone want to be a kind soul and send me some music? When I am coming home late at night from the beach, it's fun to listen to and keeps me awake. I have some of the singles but none of the albums. Anything is appreciated.
  7. Buzzetta

    Phish - 2011-12-31 - NYE in NYC at MSG - High Quality

    Quality is that of the video on 720: MP3 at 256kbps It was a fun show. Aside from the "cirque du soleil" type of surprise of people dancing through the air before during and after midnight, there were plenty of highlights. Check out the Steam->Auld Lang Syne-> Down with Disease which is...
  8. Buzzetta

    U2 - Wide Awake in Europe - 2010 EP

    Wide Awake in Europe Download Link - Quality - 320kbps MP3 Mercy (Live In Brussels, September, 21st 2010) I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight Remix (Live From Croke Park, Dublin, July 27th 2009) Moment Of Surrender (Live In Paris, September...
  9. Buzzetta

    Damien Rice - 5 Albums

    Nothing to see here...
  10. Buzzetta

    R*h*c*p___ i*m__w*i*t*h__y*o*u

    Nothing to see here.
  11. Buzzetta

    Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah - Just for Nugz

    Nothing to see here.
  12. Buzzetta

    What should I eat for dinner... Let the forum pick.

    I am open for suggestions... Couple of stipulations: I have nothing in the fridge I just got back from playing golf - don't feel like cooking Any type of food is considered Not really a fan of fast food Everything around me is open until around 10-11... Ex- Thai food- then name a...
  13. Buzzetta

    Jay-Z and Kanye West - Watch the Throne

    Nothing to see here
  14. Buzzetta

    My doubles... check em...

    Or maybe not.
  15. Buzzetta

    You just kissed your love goodbye... what should you do?

    You just kissed your love goodbye... what should you do?
  16. Buzzetta

    Is A-B-C easy like 1-2-3 or simple like do-re-mi?

    That's right kids! It's poll time. Time to revisit another one...
  17. Buzzetta

    Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations vs Adam Richman: Man Vs Food

    Some of us seem to be "foodies" I myself enjoy the hedonistic locations as visited by Adam Richman on Man v Food. I equally enjoy the travel experiences and the getting to know the culture behind the food on Anthony Bourdain's, No Reservations. You have a favorite? VS Just for...
  18. Buzzetta

    Sometimes You Wanna Go...

    I want to see how this poll compares to a similar poll taken three years ago...
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