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  1. spike

    Karaoke track request

    Hello kind souls, I know they have been posted before but I've spent the best part of my life (Three days actually) looking for the karaoke tracks uploaded here, but to no avail. Has anyone got and would they be kind enough to upload them again. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.
  2. spike

    Liquidating some assets

    Ok, I'm after a Kindle so am going to sell a couple of items. NOT going on ebay yet though so make me a sensible offer and see where we go. Both items in excellent condition. And the bobble head is not for sale, it's for show only. First is Smiths debut White label promo.. Second is the...
  3. spike

    Smiths on Eastenders again

    Ronnie was just listening to a cd "Music to slash your wrists to" was playing Please Please Please........ Only saying.
  4. spike

    Salisbury letter

    It appears that Salisbury city hall are a bit pi**ed off about people flogging tickets. Got a letter today saying that any they haven't already sent, or that have not yet been picked up can only be collected on the night of the gig. Not really a problem as i was gonna do that anyway, but some...
  5. spike

    Help the stupid day!

    Please can anyone explain the difference between these two. (And before anyone says it, I know the labels are different) They both appear to be the '92 reissue with exactly the same details on the covers, however the one on the left is in a glossy sleeve whereas the other is more of a matt...
  6. spike

    Paris Promo For Sale.

    Hello all, I had bid on two '......Paris' Promo's, unfortunately for me i won them both, If one of you wants it for what i paid please let me know. £7.49 and i'll include postage. Original listing is here...
  7. spike

    Cheapest YOR Vinyl?

    Where is the cheapest anyone has found online for the Vinyl version. HMV are over 22 Quid which seems a bit extreme. I'm not a tight arse as i will get it in all formats but would like to keep the costs down. Cheers all.
  8. spike

    St Trinnians Soundtrack??

    Hi, My 10 yr old has just asked Dad to get her St Trinians Soundtrack.. Usual sources don't seem t have it, any kind soul help me out? Ta.
  9. spike

    1st Album replica CD

    Hi All, Just put this item up on the auction site we don't mention. It is a spare, mint and unopened. I'm sure those in the know know it's a replica of the first album. it a card sleeve and also includes the inner sleeve complete with lyrics. A great little item and not asking the world...
  10. spike

    How can they do this???

    Just been looking at various sites for tickets as i was stuck with no internet at work this morning and found places selling tickets, but for hugely inflated prices! now you can almost expect that on auction sites but these are proper companies. Surely this it no different to a tout standing...
  11. spike

    Is this rare???

    Hi All, Saw this up for sale, and no it's not me selling, but i do have a copy i bought at a record fair about 15yrs ago. Was told it was 1 of only 100 copies. Was i duped and what sort of price will this one go for? (it cost me a tenner back in the day)...
  12. spike

    Please Help!!

    Hi All, just a plea for help. When i was young and ignorant i collected all Smiths stuff on 12". I'm now 42 and over the last 2 or 3 months regained my enthusiasm and decided to start on the 7"s. This has gone pretty well and i have got everything commercially released ........ except...
  13. spike

    Moz/Smiths tattoo

    Ok here goes, I've seen many fantastic Moz/Smiths tattoos and have decided that as a fan of 23 years (yes, i'm now 42) i want one. What i would like is for you to help me... Has anyone got a simple design. something like MORRISSEY in old english, or the ROTR emblam, or anything else interesting...
  14. spike

    Electric Ballroom Info' please

    I was thinking that with the collection thread going i would ask about a this album. I bought it for a tenner years ago at a record fair ( when they actually sold records:) ) It's on multi coloured vinyl with a white label. Small imprint on it says 1 of 100 given away with a German magazine...
  15. spike

    Oxford Please :)

    I know that it has been requested before but may have been forgotton/missed but does any kind soul have the Oxford gig audio that they could share please. I would be so happy to have this as i thought it was a brilliant gig. Many thanks.:)
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