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  1. spike

    The Smiths A-Z: "Asleep"

    Played at my partners funeral in 2016, I still miss her every f***ing day.
  2. spike

    You Are The Quarry US LP (NM) trade for UK LP

    I have one that I would consider selling, if the price was right.
  3. spike

    Quilloughby: "Everyone Is Horrid Except Me (And Possibly You)" - Official MP3 (May 11, 2021)

    Any chance of re sharing please Famous. I am a little late to this particular party, isolating and all that.
  4. spike

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    Just got it now, thanks FWD, always rely on you to deliver.
  5. spike

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    Hi FWD, any chance you can add Vol 13 to the drive please. I don't know how I missed it 'till this morning, even though I've been following the Elvis/Spreadsheet comments. Cheers Buddy
  6. spike

    The Smiths "Extra Track (and a tacky badge)" - Archive collection download

    Although I keep an eye on what's going on I haven't logged in for a good few years now but felt compelled to do so today. FWD, I'm sure we have spoken before, some years ago when you were just a nipper, however I wanted to say a massive thanks for sharing this. I may have some or all of it...
  7. spike

    Here we go again another fake

    This has been troubling me for about five minutes, and while I'm logged in, anyone want to appraise this please?
  8. IMG_1529.JPG


  9. spike

    Which Morrissey vinyl album is the most sought/sort/salt after?

    Wow! Just noticed I've got 2 Ringleaders as well, no idea how that happened.
  10. spike

    "Moz Fan" for sale at Mporium

    Want to get back on track fellas, was enjoying the thread!
  11. spike

    Which Morrissey vinyl album is the most sought/sort/salt after?

    Is Quarry really worth that much? I'd consider driving my copy to the buyer if I can get that!
  12. spike

    For sale: London Palladium 1 ticket Stalls, Row O

    Have you sold the palladium ticket?
  13. spike

    Album bundle Presale codes not working

    I spoke with them yesterday when I got back to the UK and they said the album would be shipped on Friday. Didn't think to ask if they would actually ship to the UK.
  14. spike

    Karaoke track request

    You are both fine examples of the human race. Thanks for your help.
  15. spike

    Karaoke track request

    Thanks for trying unc' I too have had recent issues with BT so I feel your pain.
  16. spike

    Karaoke track request

    Hello kind souls, I know they have been posted before but I've spent the best part of my life (Three days actually) looking for the karaoke tracks uploaded here, but to no avail. Has anyone got and would they be kind enough to upload them again. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude.
  17. spike

    YOUR name on a Moz poster!

    And that's where I put my name, not hers. So the email says that although I knowthere's nothing they can do, they have f***ed up!
  18. spike

    YOUR name on a Moz poster!

    I ordered the vinyl with the poster , and my name, which arrived today. Unfortunately they got it wrong and put my GF name on it. I was the named bill payer but it was sent to her at work. I have emailed them but to no avail i fear.
  19. spike

    morrissey very rare remix album

    I find this most bizarre, a guy posts some remixed songs for those that want them, and some that don't start abusing him. Firstly thanks for posting, and secondly, for those that don't like them you could just go and read a thread that's more palatable to you. Problem solved.
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