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    US tour announced -

    Does anyone know the Atlanta presale code?? Thanks!
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    2010 / 2011 live dates?

    Re: 2010 Live Dates I'm 16 years old. I haven't lived a quarter of my existence, but if Morrissey came to Atlanta this year, it would make my life, no doubt.
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    This is a long shot

    But does Morrissey still accept (snail mail) fan mail? If so, to what address? Appreciate it
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    Second U.S. Leg?

    YES! I implore Morrissey to revisit the cancelled Atlanta date, (although it does not say it was cancelled on his site.) That would make my year!
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    Today I saw President Jimmy Carter

    ...riding a bicycle with his wife in Atlanta. He wore a shiny blue helmet I sort of envy.
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    Second U.S. Leg?

    Is there a shred of a chance he woud/will make up the handful of gigs for the south from early 09?
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    Selling ALL Smiths/Moz Vinyl

    Dido. Is there a certain time you plan to take the list off?
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    Well for the most part I just listen to SOUND of The SMITHS...
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    I will-I listened to the Smiths before I listened to Morrissey.
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    I am a new-comer to Morrissey. I've got a thing for vinyl, and was excited to buy his greatest hits (first buy) over the summer. Now I'm thinking about checking into You Are The Quarry, but I already have the 4 biggest tracks from that record. I want to hear all the good stuff from Morrissey...
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    US Swords?

    Will the comp. SWORDS be released in the States, so far?
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    What has happened to Swords?

    I hope it is released. I hope extra that it will be also availible on vinyl. Is this wishful thinking?
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    I am new to Morrissey's solo career. Last week I picked up a new LP record of YEARS OF REFUSAL. $10.00. Not bad. What? 12 songs for ten bucks?
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