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  1. Billy A

    Express: "The Smiths split ‘bruised me emotionally, it turned to s*** with Morrissey’ – Johnny Marr" via Uncut Magazine (January 13, 2022)

    I got the impression that Marr and Morrissey had sorted out any issues they had together as I remember one of them saying that they emailed and met up, but it had been a number of years since (I may have got that wrong). I'm not sure why Marr speaks with a sharp tongue as Morrissey only seems...
  2. Billy A

    Morrissey Central & SER YT: "You Don't Need Their Approval" - Morrissey 'Lost Demo' (October 31, 2021)

    There is something slightly off with this and I'm sure that it is just the mix we've been presented with. However, I think some of the not-so-great-songs from Morrissey over the past decade or so are due to the fact that the melody of the music doesn't line-up with the melody of the voice. This...
  3. Billy A

    Morrissey Central & SER YT: “Once Upon A Woman’s Body” (October 30, 2021)

    I don't understand how this song can be misogynist, but feel free to prove me wrong. Out of the three songs released over the weekend, this one, for me, is the weakest. However, musically it is lovely. I realised recently that my favourite songs on IANADOAC are co-written by Jesse Tobias, so...
  4. Billy A

    Morrissey Central & SER YT: "If Saturday Ever Comes" - Morrissey 'Lost Demo' (October 29, 2021)

    Haunting, yet brilliant. If these 'demos' are anything but an indication of the direction that Morrissey is taking then I'm all for it. There is something very Vauxhall & I about these three tracks, which not only suit Morrissey's voice but really allow the lyrics to seep in and take hold of...
  5. Billy A

    Morrissey Central “SAY IT LOUD, I’M ME AND I’M PROUD.” (September 29, 2021)

    I'm sure the list has and will continue to change with time. This is his list and I'm sure his experiences in making the albums, singing them, and the joy he gets from those songs has shaped he view of each album. I completely get why he ranks his solo work over The Smiths records. It's not...
  6. Billy A

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Aug. 28, 2021) post-show

    He looks a lot better here than he did on stage.
  7. Billy A

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Aug. 28, 2021) post-show

    As silly a it sounds I think the energy is now in his voice, which wasn't always the case previously. There is no denying that his voice is as strong as ever, although there were a couple of moments from the show where the high notes weren't delivered. Then again, we are talking about someone...
  8. Billy A

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Aug. 28, 2021) post-show

    That's a fair point. I think if Morrissey had managed to keep one contract over the past 10-15 years we may have seen that shift in gear with the material. I think the fact that Morrissey has always had issues with contracts means that it is difficult for him to change style and reinvent...
  9. Billy A

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Aug. 28, 2021) post-show

    But he's never done what people think he should do, he has always done what he thinks is best, for better and for worse, and that's why you fell in love with him in the first place. Just because you want something, doesn't mean you should get it.
  10. Billy A

    Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Aug. 28, 2021) post-show

    The set-list isn't bad - it just highlights that he has a deep reservoir of songs and you just can't please everyone. And anyway, you should know that the songs are picked because that's what Morrissey wants to sing on the night and not chosen by some fan vote. Lovely to see him in great...
  11. Billy A

    Morrissey Replacing Nine Inch Nails at Riot Fest in Chicago (September 16, 2021)

    There are some stupid people out there. "I don't want to see Morrissey!" No-one is forcing anyone to do anything. I'm sure there are people attending the festival who had no interest in watching NIN, just as there will likely be people not interested in Morrissey. Is it a big deal? No. That's...
  12. Billy A

    Morrissey Central "Turning The Inside Out." (July 5, 2021)

    That took a long time coming, but I'm glad we had some new content from the man himself after so much snippets of news from other people. Acceptance, no matter how much you're hurt, sad and feeling alone, is the right way to go. It sure ain't easy but happy to read Morrissey is moving forward...
  13. Billy A

    Fiona Dodwell: "Eight Tracks That Prove Morrissey Is As Great As He’s Ever Been" (June 23, 2021)

    A decent list of tracks and she's included some of my favourites. I don't understand why people on here have it out for Fiona - jealousy? Anyone can write on Medium, so why don't you?
  14. Billy A

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY NEW ALBUM" (May 30, 2021)

    Exciting news to say the least! Hopefully a deal will appear but you can't help but wonder whether or not the album would be better named as "Bonfire of Bridges". The artwork is... disappointing. I guess trying to come up with an image of current Moz with that title is quite difficult and...
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  16. Billy A

    Zack Snyder's recollection of making "Tomorrow" promo video

    I rewatched this a few months ago and I can't bring myself to watch it again. I like the DIY approach, passing by the record label and going out there alone, but this is just... well, it speaks for itself. Too bad, even for Morrissey. His worst video? For sure. Then Chain Gang.
  17. Billy A

    SER Twitter: "May 22… Should I open the vault?“ (May 9, 2021)

    Hmm... there's enough decent looking live material on Youtube. I guess one more won't hurt but... where is this interview that was hinted at?! So much has happened and we know new material has been recorded. An updated, whether it be filmed or written, would be great.
  18. Billy A

    Morrissey A-Z: "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage"

    Oh yeah, correct. Similar video to Jacky that, with its young extras dancing in the background. I wouldn't be surprised if nephew Sam had some involvement with this video, not least with getting the extras. Unlike the Jacky video, Morrissey doesn't look like his having fun in the video for...
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