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  1. Jon

    I notice a lot of hatred here - I come back to inject some love into you all

    I have been living under a bridge for the last year, any other old posters on here still lurking around?
  2. Jon

    hello from me - long time no see

    I am the guy who used to be a moderator here, just thought I would say hello to the merry bunch of clowns that still hold the religion.
  3. Jon

    Who in your minds eye is moderator who is most sexy here?

    No pictures yet? I was looking forward to a good laugh. :(
  4. Jon

    Do you agree with the following statement?

    Firstly, apologies for my negativity in the thread about negativity. :) I assure you there is no anger in me. I have no idea if you are old, gay, british, a dance pop fan or bored. You can attach any meaning you want to the Pet Shop Boys 1980's comment. If you want to call me to discuss it...
  5. Jon


    Alsation Cousin is clearly about Morrisseys leanings towards beastiality imo. It really makes sense to me, considering humankind has let him down so much, there is only one place to go. It would make total sense with his love of animals, and lack of love for the human race that he would...
  6. Jon

    Do you agree with the following statement?

    I hope you spend as much time on your personal hygiene as you do on your posts on this board. somehow I doubt that though. :)
  7. Jon

    Johnny Marr on his website

    Perhaps you should have an irony/joke patch installed in your browser that enables others to see that what you are writing is actually a joke. :)
  8. Jon

    Do you agree with the following statement?

    I have posted a serious response to this, (please see page 1 of this thread). I don't quite understand your point here. btw I agree with a lot of the things you say in your post further on in this thread. Why do people get their knickers in a twist about such things?
  9. Jon

    A warning from SRA about Puffs/poofs.

    I am not being pathetic, you gave me a warning about using the word puff. I don't do. Is Kayne west being foul when he uses the word nigger? Are four poofs and a piano being offensive when they name themsleves in such a way? ( I know you cannot answer this because it will make you...
  10. Jon

    A warning from SRA about Puffs/poofs.

    If i don't like what don't look at it? I have no specific points to make that contravene the TOS. Are you drunk?
  11. Jon

    A warning from SRA about Puffs/poofs.

    I received a warning from the SRA moderator. it was thus: "Dear Jon, You have received a warning at Morrissey-solo Forums. Reason: ------- Inappropriate Language I know you're just trying to be clever and provocative, and who...
  12. Jon

    Moz taking over....????

    Reason for Editing:
  13. Jon

    Would you give it up?

    Theres always a demand for bin men and navys. :)
  14. Jon

    Post-Tour Notes from Moz

    "and although our 'In The Future When All's Well' was #6 in over-the-counter sales in the UK, once downloading sales were added we found ourselves marooned at #17. The same had happened with our previous single 'The Youngest Was The Most Loved' which was #3 in physical sales, yet not even in the...
  15. Jon

    Who in your minds eye is moderator who is most sexy here?

    funny sh$t, I only think I have seen madas picture, and he looked ok, just a bit soft/kiddy looking with a puffy face.... I hope he gets a good degree and ends up as a social worker! No, I really mean it! come on kids lets see your boat races.
  16. Jon

    Do you agree with the following statement?

    I will shut the fuck up. I am so sorry. ps Thanks for the 1980's Pet Shop Boys quote btw, it put into perspective your comments. :)
  17. Jon

    Do you agree with the following statement?

    Dazzak hit the nail on the head about Morrissey, and it's exactly the same reason why I listen less and less. I get bored after years and years of hearing the same old story from Morrissey without any attempt at self improvement on his behalf.. hmmm, it seems pretty pointless in me listing...
  18. Jon

    If Moz were to do another duet with a woman which of these would work best?

    This poll is funny, universally accepted here that it has the worst choices of any poll that has ever been on this site ever. congrats!
  19. Jon

    Russell Brand denies rape allegations...

    Brand said on stage: “Here’s to Rod Stewart, who had a go at me earlier this year for too much womanising.” He goes on: “But then again, I did have a go on his daughter.” later: Rod: You went out with my daughter, did you, Russell? Well, stand up. Russell stands up. Russell: (mumbling)...
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