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    The Smyths - 100 Club gig 29 & 30 July 2016

    Close - it was actually Butlins at Bognor Regis. Apparently they were going to call the first single off In Utero "Heart Shaped Bognor" until Steve Albini talked them out of it. "Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint My chalet is damp and the sinks full of ice"
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    Stone Roses reform

    I must admit, when I first heard they were reforming, I groaned and I facepalmed. I loved the band in my youth, but was highly sceptical of them pulling this off with any credit. Still, I bought myself a ticket for Optimus Alive in Lisbon (where I luckily live) as I intended to anyway before...
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    Morrissey listed for 24-July 2012- Cascais Music Festival (Portugal)

    Re: 24-July 2012- Cascais Music Festival (Portugal) Estou contente. Estou muito contente.
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    Morrissey fans in Lisbon

    Ooh, a bit vulgar to bump one's own post, but... one more time again. Anybody in Lisbon? I'm getting Star And Garter withdrawal.
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    Morrissey fans in Lisbon

    Hi All It never crossed my mind to post in this sub-forum before... I'm a big Morrissey fan living in Lisbon at the moment. From North Wales originally and spent a lot of time living in Manchester - where it is impossible not to encounter Morrissey fans frequently (particularly if you go...
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