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    Morrissey to play in Berlin

    Here are the details 18.07.2011 Mo. Berlin / Zitadelle Spandau – interesting location
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    Does anyone know why Moz has never played 'Ammunition' live. Has he ever made any comment about it? It might simply be that he felt it never worked when they were rehearsing it, though it seems strange that he has never tried it once – even if it were just an accoustic version of it somewhere...
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    2 Tickets available for tonight in Bremen

    Face value. Any one interested please ring me on 0176 23711207. Pick up point at the venue. Tom
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    'Jack' and Moz

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but can anyone substantiate this Observer article referring to a Moz / Damon Albarn collaboration a few years back.,,2290117,00.html Some of the others sound intriguing, too. Others less so. :)
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    Looking for a ride Lille > Brussels

    Hi there, Is anyone driving back from Lille to Brussels after the concert? We (2 small people - and no luggage :)) are looking for a lift back as the last train departs too early to get back there that night. Goes without saying that we'll pay fuel costs! Drop me a line here. Thanks in...
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    Iva Nova – Ost Klub, Vienna – 13. Nov.2007 – Last chance to see them this year

    I unashamedly urge any of you living in or near Vienna to try to get down to see the terrific Iva Nova tomorrow in the Ost KLub – their last concert in the current tour. They are 5 girls from St Petersburg who combine high energy Russian folk and punk and will leave you utterly spellbound...
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    Iva Nova – on tour in Germany, Holland and Austria

    If you live in or near any of the cities listed below, then I can only wholeheartedly recommend going to see the explosive Iva Nova. They are 5 girls from St Petersburg who combine high energy Russian folk and punk will leave you utterly spellbound. Moving and entertaining, not to mentioin...
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    Having been spoilt by the Moz concerts last year, I wasn't really looking forward to 2007, concert-wise. But having just seen Jarvis and Sophia within three days here in Hamburg, that was certainly some consolation. Jarvis you all know about – and needless to say I was thoroughly entertained...
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    Morrissey – wikipedia entry Don't ask me why, but I chanced on this recently. Bearing in mind that this is wikpedia, the entry isn't so bad and relatively up to date. But I am curious who actually edited it. And who is Ms Malpas? ... is Moz really still residing in Rome? (see...
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