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  1. Troy

    Moz in Camden last night

    Re: Moz in Camden last night . . . I was with . . . . . Gauguin at Tate Modern last night. Due south of scruffy Camden and 'pretend' arty people . . . :sweet: And earlier one dined on . . . pan fried polenta with goats cheese, baby spinach, wild mushrooms with a deliciously sweet dressing ...
  2. Troy

    Merry xmas

    Re: Merry Christmas to you too . . . Thank you Red Dragon! Merry Christmas to you too and everyone here beautiful people . . . :) Lots of Love too. :sweet::sweet:
  3. Troy

    Merry xmas

    Re: Merry Christmas to our Morrissey . . . . . . Merry Christmas Morrissey, was in Manchester today. Wishing you love and happiness and success. A kiss for you with mistletoe :sweet: xxx
  4. Troy

    Morrissey's girlfriend

    If Morrissey were so happy with this 'girlfriend' why was he seen shopping with Sarah Yeoman in M&S recently in the Christmas Biscuit isle looking at the floor miserably - or is this the definition of Morrissey 'happy' with his mature girlfriend Ms Yeoman or whomever this 'girlfriend' is? So...
  5. Troy

    Morrissey's girlfriend

    If Morrissey were with his true love soulmate he would personally introduce that person to the world. He would be seen out with that person - holding hands - yes - holding hands, in public. He would proudly talk about that person - he would bring their name up constantly - that's what happens...
  6. Troy

    Morrissey's girlfriend

    Of course he is in a relationship . . . to think he travels alone is ludicrous. He's had several relationships and one wonders when he may have last been 'alone' - in 1985? Perhaps it was the overweight blonde with him in the biscuit aisle at M&S, perhaps it really was Sarah Yeoman . . ...
  7. Troy

    Morrissey's request

    . . . for us to write to our MP in his recent Letter of Request to Fans. The correct address printed on most MPs stationery is: House of Commons Parliament Square Westminster London SW1A 0AA He wants you to write to your MP, so it is best to have the correct post code. 'Long...
  8. Troy

    Stephen Fry

    What does Steven Fry know about 'women' or their 'issues' when is homosexual, has no knowledge of intimate relationships with them? This man makes my skin crawl, he is grotesque and wants Morrissey to 'fancy' him, well he does not and never will and the two will never meet. So just go away...
  9. Troy

    New blog about Johnny Marr

    Re: New blog obout Johnny Marr Jimi Hendrix is the one and only guitar God and . . . Mr Marr is not a man of his word so I won't be requesting he create music for my film score anymore. ;)
  10. Troy

    Moz sighting in Altrincham

    Oh, well my list is: Fortnum and Masons Harrods Selfridges Food Hall Oh well, one may shop only in an emergency . . . Waitrose :thumb::sweet::thumb:
  11. Troy

    Morrissey, Mountain, Molehill

    The photo of our Morrissey here is horrendous, he looks like a horror movie extra - they've done this on purpose I think! Horrible lot. Everyone knows M is gorgeous anyway. :nopity::sweet::nopity:
  12. Troy

    Error in new 'Bona Drag' credits

    hello sweetie pie Mozmic dancer :thumb: . . . will take your advice, no I don't want anyone to be 'sacked' but! when one works for our Morrissey - your behaviour counts and if anyone had the 'telephone psycho experience' I had from the 'whirlwind of negativity' of his PA (this is putting it...
  13. Troy

    Error in new 'Bona Drag' credits

    Oh thank you Joe Frady! :thumb: Great news, one may purchase with true 'joy' now!!! :sweet::sweet: Oh, am amazed anyone remembers my last notes on that 'subject' anyway - won't bore anyone by repeating but am soooo pleased! sigh Cannot wait to see the new photos and hear the new...
  14. Troy

    Error in new 'Bona Drag' credits

    Thank you for highlighting this, may I ask Joe Frady . . . is Morrissey's pa mentioned in the credits?
  15. Troy

    All these interviews 4 re-release of BD. Anyone else a bit baffled/slightly worried?

    Re: All these interviews 4 re-release of BD. Anyone else a bit baffled/slightly worri There is something 'goin' on . . .but . . . i'm not gonna say what!!!!!!! kiss kiss :sweet:
  16. Troy

    Brainy Moz Fans?

    I'm brainy - I'll have a go too Uncle Skinny . . . :thumb:
  17. Troy

    Suggest a title of Morrissey's autobiography

    I clicked on the 'Honey' book and it didn't open . . . :lbf: My suggestion for a title perhaps . . . Snowleopard . . . the reason is top secret for 'His Eyes Only'
  18. Troy

    Jake Walters Portraits of Morrissey

    Please go to: To see our beloved Morrissey in some amazing and fabulous pictures. 'Swoon' benefits guaranteed! Lorra lorra luv. IX :):sweet::)
  19. Troy

    Morrissey in Trafalgar Sq.

    Re: Not very flattering . . . . . at all. Pure talent shines through more and creates a wider publicity . . . than . . . . . . . mimickry. Oh Morrissey, we know you cannot have given your blessing to this . . . this . . . 'stunt'. :blushing: IX
  20. Troy

    Morrissey on BBC Radio 2 Radcliffe and Maconie?

    . . . show us your . . . "double finger bend" our vaca . . . :lbf: :) :lbf:
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