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    Weird things people say to you about Moz.

    I saw my cousin a few weeks ago for the first time in years and Morrissey got mentioned in passing she said "i hate his voice he's miserble blah blah"and "you should listen to Elbow the singer sounds SO much like Morrissey":crazy:
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    Would you take a bullet for Morrissey?

    If i was having a really miserble depressed suicidal day then the chance's are i very proberly would.
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    Celebrities You Can't Stand

    Richard Madely Jeremy Kyle Gordon Ramsey Russell Brand Liam Gallagher the bold "comedian" on Mock The Week who isn't Dara O Briain Simon Cowell Fiona Philips(in fact everyone on GMTV) Keith Chegwin Rhianna The Hoosiers Madonna Kylie Minouge Everyone on the programme Loose Women
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    The Stephen Fry frink thread

    He say's he looks like a "bin bag full of yoghurt" but i don't see him as being fat myself. Nice thread by the way(ABOUT TIME!)
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    Who's your favourite Young One?

    Not counting the University Challenge episode with Lord Snot i will have to go for Rik aswell followed closely by Neil.
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    Have any of you had to quit being a vegetarian?

    For me being a vegetarian is the best thing i have ever done, i stopped eating meat and fish when i was 19 before i used to get 5 or 6 colds a year i'm 22 now and i have had 2 very mild colds since then and i've lost 2 stone in weight so it CAN work if you have the right balance of (vege)foods...
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    Celebrities who like Moz

    Mark Lamarr can't stand Morrissey i remember him telling Jo Brand this on a Radio2 Show last year. I watched Shooting Stars last night just to see Stephen Fry and how he coped with the madness of everything! i wonder whatever happend to Wolf of Gladiators?!
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    People you find to be attractive looking that most people dont?

    When i was younger i liked Freddy too i changed my mind when i saw a picture of the real actor though! too much like my old headmaster for my liking! Stephen fry i have always admired(old or young)i think he is lovely.
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    any Dr. house watchers out there?

    Indeed! Season 4 is premiering in the UK on Thursdays!
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    any Dr. house watchers out there?

    Thats the film where he and his wife are always ...."trying" for a baby? I wanted to see that when it was at the cinema but i was far too young! Dr House is fantastic obviously! i loved last weeks episode where house almost killed himself.
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    any Dr. house watchers out there?

    I would love to see Stephen Fry in House i'm certain it would be imensely funny! i'm a huge fan of them both i love a bit of fry and laurie/jeeves and wooster/QI ect ect.
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    I'm 21 and never done anything remotely sexual my mum and brother are more worried about it than me!i've been asked 10 times by my brother if i'm a lesbian(i'm not)and had it rubbed in my face by my mum that she was having an AFFAIR at my age i told her that was nothing to be proud of so she...
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    The Moz virus (a.k.a. Mozzatitus)

    Jonathan Ross caused my illness after the interview on his show i went out and brought a few Smiths cds and then of course moved on to Morrissey himself.
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    your 5 favourite bands?

    The Smiths Morrissey Ramones The Specials Madness Gene Buzzcocks Blondie
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    Virtues of Celibacy

    I'm a virgin can you be celibate at the same time? you don't know how long i've been wanting to ask that question! :D
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    Do you find yourself attractive?

    I don't find myself attractive in the slightest although there is one picture where i think i look reasonbly ok sadly it was taken on my 3rd birthday:(
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    Wierd Celeb Crushes

    Stephen Fry Sean Hughes Jonathan Ross Bill Bailey looks like my uncle i've just realised:eek:
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    damon albarn

    I saw Blur a fews years ago and Damon hardly said a word to 'us' all night.. his attitude was horrible It put me of Blur a great deal after:(
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    How Devoted are you to Morrissey?

    Only if Morrissey appeared in a daily paper shaking hands with Simon Cowell and proclaiming "We Are Best Friends!" i'm afriad i would seriously think about puting my CDs under my bed.
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    Birmingham tonight. . pics and (very tired) thoughts

    I have to agree with shirlymanson it was fantastic the best gig i've ever been to.. I can't say i was in great spirit's before though ,who would be after being on three(crowded) buses :eek: but in the end it was worth it
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