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    40 Sexiest Frontmen in Rock History - Morrissey #3

    He certainly has an elegance that is unrivalled in the music scene. It all depends what criteria people are using - after all people look for different things. Actually, finding 40 attractive women in music would be difficult for anyone other than the most shallow.
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    Offical Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton May 2nd

    C'mon Ricky I have a feeling this will be very. very close For Ricky's future a draw and a rematch might be ideal
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    Anyone voting at the European elections?

    Hiya - I'm struggling for who to vote for in the European elections in June and thought a discussion about the state of the respective parties would be interesting. Labour - what a mess. Gordon Brown has proved to be about as effective as the captain of the titanic. Every prediction he has...
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    40 Sexiest Frontmen in Rock History - Morrissey #3

    Hiya Cozza - long time no speak - hope you're well I suppose 'sexiness' is a very subjective thing. I never got what people saw in Prince but hey it's in the eye of the beholder I always thought Prince was trying to be a rock Michael Jackson - maybe I got him completely wrong
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    Who would you like to write the music for the next album-assuming there is to be one?

    Re: Who would you like to write the music for the next album-assuming there is to be An interesting call. I think of his current band, Whyte is the best composer of all of them, although he's become more of a bit-part player. To me, if he wants to do something different at this point, he...
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    Does Moz prefer men or women?

    Re: hmmm Thanks - that was a weird conversation Not prejudiced in any way - just wondered if anyone knew more about the riddle?
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    Buzzcocks thread

    Think they're hindered somewhat by being around the pistols and the Clash They had a very different sound to other punk bands of the era, aided mainly by Shelley's distinctive voice Anyone agree they never get the recognition they deserve? I'd add they developed into more than a punk band...
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    Does Moz prefer men or women?

    As I understand he's had 'situations' with both but is it mainly men, mainly women or genuinely half rice half chips? Was just curious (no pun intended)
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    Moz lookalikes

    I've often thought his look is inspired by Moz, much like Lloyd Cole inspired Jimmy Carr!!
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    Will Morrissey ever reach the Top 20 again?

    Moz seems to write songs with the pre-meditated intent of being singles more than he ever has. Often, you can just set out to write an album and the two/three standouts answer the question themselves. I guarantee when he wrote Vauxhall and I it was not with a conscious eye on radio play. Yet...
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    is there only me in the world who thinks THE CLASH were sh*t?

    I prefer the Buzzcocks personally - the Clash were a good punk band but there stuff is horribly dated when you hear it now. I take your point about how the 70s needed them - John Denver? Oh dear...
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    Will Morrissey ever reach the Top 20 again?

    Will Moz be able to live without the likes of Jonathan Ross and Jools Holland though? Can't help but think it's back to #25 a la the early 90s - hope he can produce one last piece of magic to go out on
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    Roy's Keen

    Can't help but think Moz is mocking his own lack of sexual prowess here An alright song on a poor album...
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    Will Morrissey ever reach the Top 20 again?

    A very intelligent post Mozzer's time was 2004. He would never have been #1 in the British chart. It wouldn't have been allowed!! He should pack it up and stick to live tours.
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    Does Morrissey still like Boxing?

    Hiya Cornelius Carr was beaten in 12 rounds by Steve 'Celtic Warrior' Collins for the WBO SuperMiddle title in 1997. Now famous fight at the Point in Dublin. Moz was a Eubank fan, interestingly while he was shit.
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    Hiya guys and girls If one of you can recommend me great... Thanks boys and girls Dazza x
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    NewOrder thread

    I actually think we may have done - Barney and Hooky have fallen out apparently and Hooky has said he won't play with them again. I love 'Raise the Pressure' - great record I think the last two albums were good in places but not a patch on some of the 80s/90s stuff.
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    The boxing thread

    It's not defence so much as a fragile chin that's the problem. Boxers will get hit, it's one of those things. If you can't hold a shot then it's gonna unstick you at some point. He may well win something at world level, but if they put him in with another big puncher then we've got problems.
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    NewOrder thread

    My brother loves 'Jetstream' - why they didn't release 'Dracula's Castle' instead is beyond me...
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    NewOrder thread

    I've heard Bernard say in interviews he has had to improve over the years and only really did so when he started working with Johnny (he says "I had to!") Hooky's a unique bass player and the lack of people copying his style suggests it's far from easy. I like NewOrder enormously and...
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