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    NME at it again - "All the band reunions we don’t want to see happen" it seems NME is at it again. The Smiths An obvious one, yes, but for good reason. The Smiths’ break-up was particularly messy – they had already parted ways before the release of their fourth album...
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    Morrissey’s view on how Brexit is going

    i wonder what Morrissey think’s of the way Brexit is going at the minute.
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    It’s not about politics

    I wonder What Morrissey think of the way Brexit is going.And the current situations around the suspension of parliament.
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    Manchester MP Afzal Khan on Morrissey: "If this is how he feels he shouldnt be welcome here"

    Well the Labour Party have become debased,they are no longer the party of the working class nor are voice of working class people.They are a voice of men wanting too change them self into women and let people stab with a knife at will.
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    For NME, Morrissey is Boris Johnson

    The NME is like The Guardian they only do thing that fit the narrative they promote.Like most of the hypocrisy British media nowadays that don’t respect other people views or talk about them openly.Morrissey has never changed he has always been the same it is just the left that have gone insane.
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    So who here digs shoegaze?

    Yeah love Shoegaze. My Bloody Valentine,Ride,Lush,Swevedriver,Scarlet. The old MTV 120 minutes in the early & Mid 90’s was heaven for us Shoegazing people.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Bruce Springsteen Western Star.
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