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  1. arielms

    MORRISSEY plays The Warfield in San Francisco on February 8th

    I very much want this to be true but i am skeptical because all the rumors can be traced back to that DJ on LIVE 105. He also runs Popscene and posted the "Moz afterparty" announcement. I even know someone who works at the Warfield and he has been unable to substantiate this rumor. Please...
  2. arielms

    Pasadena Roll Call

    I'm going. As of yet, I have no way to get there, maybe a place to stay in Santa Monica and no way to get to the venue. I will fly if I have to, but if there are any Bay Area Fans driving, please contact me I would be happy to pay for most of the gas money. I want to go for the 1st and 2nd...
  3. arielms

    Pasadena Roll Call

    I was at the Chicago Show.
  4. arielms

    Single 1 liner......

    Oh God there are so many, I will try to pick just a few. Right now I can't stop thinking about the brilliance of "Can you please stop time?" also there is: The more you ignore me, the closer I get. There is a light and it never goes out. Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head...
  5. arielms

    Lee of "In The Future When All's Well"

    I think that is more of a stretch...
  6. arielms

    Lee of "In The Future When All's Well"

    I think they are both valid possibilities. Frequently, names in Moz songs can reference more than one individual simultaneously. The Visconti in YHKM is an example. Of course there is the Italian director, but the association with Tony Visconti cannot have been accidental.
  7. arielms

    Lee of "In The Future When All's Well"

    I think I may have figured out who it is... Yesterday there was an article in the New York Times about gay Evangelical Christians seeking acceptance. It mentions Justin Lee an openly gay evangelical who...
  8. arielms

    When we're in your scholarly room...

    Though I agree this is a brilliant find and well worthy of praise, I doubt "Sheila Take A Bow" is exclusively about Sheila Dikshit. Shelagh Delaney, as we all know, was another of Moz's heroes and of course appeared on a few Smiths record covers. She was also "so young" when she began to write...
  9. arielms

    I have consistent problems loging in.

    Thank you! The problem seems to have been that yes, even though I was using the same browser, if I did not logout I could not log in again after I closed the window.
  10. arielms

    I have consistent problems loging in.

    I have consistent problems logging in. I have an account. I am not being careless, I enter my password carefully, yet still I often cannot log in for days at a time. Then, magically, I can log in again even though I am not doing anything differently. When I have trouble logging in, I...
  11. arielms

    Who's Going to the Chicago Show?

    I have two extra tickets to the Chicago show. I do not want them scalped. I am not looking to make money. I just want to sell them at face value to a good fan who does not already have them. Contact me or reply to this if you are interested.
  12. arielms

    Who is annoyed by...

    I know what you mean about feeling a bit absurd and out of place when you get excited about Moz and the other person has a blank is annoying. I had to learn to forgive people for not knowing who Morrissey was, or even worse knowing who he is and not liking him. There are a lot of...
  13. arielms

    Who's Going to the Chicago Show?

    I am going! So excited! I was a bit afraid he would not play the U.S. again, or at least not for a long time. This will be my third time seeing him. I am flying in from San Francisco. I am going to the show alone, so I would love to meet as many people as possible. I have already been talking...
  14. arielms

    So who's going to see Moz in Chicago?

    I am going! Yeay! So happy! Any other Bay Area fans going? Where are fans meeting up before?
  15. arielms

    Moz live: What was your first time like?

    I saw him for the first time in September of 2004 in Liverpool. I had been a fan for three years, from the very moment I heard "There is a light..." and my life changed forever. Anyway, I had had tickets to see him twice before in Northern California where i live, but he canceled one show and...
  16. arielms

    Your last non-moz-concert?

    Dirty Pretty Things at Slims. I wasn't terribly impressed by the album, but Carl was AMAZING live! It also helps that he has subtle Smiths/Moz references in his songs.
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