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  1. Martin

    Swedish newspaper labels Morrissey racist

    Columnist Adam Svanell (@adamsvanell on Twitter) at Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) labels Morrissey "a racist" on July 6th. Translated from Swedish: "He used to be viewed as the Oscar Wilde of his time. Now he's a racist and hangs out with Pamela Anderson. Morrissey may have gone...
  2. Martin

    WPINOYB currently #7 on iTunes in Sweden

    Just checked the position for WPINOYB on iTunes here in Sweden, and it's at number 7 today (Wednesday May 14)
  3. Martin

    Tour of the Tormentors medal?

    I've kicked myself considerably that I didn't buy the Tour of the Tormentors medal that was on sale in 2006. Does some kind soul have one left? For sale, even? That would be more than lovely.
  4. Martin

    Why don't you find out for yourself

    Could some kind soul upload or point me towards the first, alternate version of "Why don't you find out for yourself"?. The full band version, wich is a bit harder and rockier than the one that eventually ended up on "Vauxhall". Thank you ever so much in advance.
  5. Martin

    The new Lucksmiths album?

    Has anyone got their hands on the new Lucksmiths album yet? I've ordered it (from the US and I live in Sweden) and it takes ages to get here... Anyone have it already?
  6. Martin

    Importance of being Morrissey - audio only?

    I was wondering if anyone has made an audio only version of The importance of being Morrissey? And would be willing to provide a link.
  7. Martin

    Req: 2007 and 2008 Intermission Music?

    Could some kind soul help me? I have managed to get all the intermission music from previous tours, but for some reason I never bothered with 2007 and 2008. Regretting it now. Could someone please, please, please post them here? Cheers!
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