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  1. Skinheads an Nail Varnish

    Posters in "Introducing Morrissey"

    I'm sorry to bother everyone but I need a some My zip hasn't gotten stuck. Can anyone of you very special people tell me what are the posters Mozzer is sticking up in the "Introducing Morrissey" video? is it a Band? I can faintly remember the image of a pair of scissors sticking in...
  2. Skinheads an Nail Varnish

    Introducing Morrissey cover art.

    Hi all, I need a JPEG of the front cover of the Moz video "Introducing Morrissey" I have transferred the VHS to DVD and need to do a cover for DVD. If anyone has a scan of it It would be most appreciated. Cheers lads.
  3. Skinheads an Nail Varnish

    Slight Glimmer

    After 9 Years on my own,I almost had a "date" I got to talking to a lovely lass I had met in HMV the music store,we had an interesting conversation,and things were going well,then she said "what music do you like?" I then said with great pride "Morrissey".........silence I looked at her and...
  4. Skinheads an Nail Varnish

    A Taste of Honey

    I did a little video during a boring wet Saturday afternoon,under my youtube persona,a "tribute" to my second favourite film "A Taste of Honey",I didn't have a lot of time to make it so PLEASE be kind if you comment on it,Thank you.
  5. Skinheads an Nail Varnish

    The Wrong Boy

    I don't know if this has been posted before(I am new to thiis forum,and apologise) But I have read this fantastic book (about a Morrissey fan going through life,it is humorous and sad in parts) and is a wonderful read I would highly recommend it...
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