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  1. Kays

    Boycott Morrissey Concert Until He Lifts the Ban on David

    No. What on earth would be the point? Like it'll change anything at all.
  2. Kays

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    This is the most sensible thing anybody's said about this whole situation. Well done.
  3. Kays

    David thrown out of Copenhagen show! Question?

    I thought this too....curiouser and curiouser.
  4. Kays

    For Sale Huge Morrissey Leeds Academy Poster

    I feel like you'd get it sold quicker if you said how much you wanted for it rather than making people guess.
  5. Kays

    Baffled Beyond Belief

    Re: eeeeeeeeeek I stand corrected.
  6. Kays

    Baffled Beyond Belief

    Re: eeeeeeeeeek You're so Morrissey in the way you hilariously change peoples' names <3 Duchess of Pork, surely...
  7. Kays

    Baffled Beyond Belief

    Re: eeeeeeeeeek It's obviously the Duchess of Cambridge wreaking revenge on Morrissey's comments about her.
  8. Kays

    Morrissey Talks Label Troubles, Glastonbury - from Pitchfork magazine online

    Nonsense; there are plenty of teens and early 20-year-olds at his gigs.
  9. Kays

    Best ever lyric ?

    I dreamt about you last night And I fell out of bed twice You can pin and mount me like a butterfly But "take me to the haven of your bed" Was something that you never said Two lumps, please You're the bee's knees, But so am I
  10. Kays

    More London dates

    According to the website there are still standing and sitting tickets left (£37.50 each)
  11. Kays

    More London dates

    So did everyone I've spoken to so far...
  12. Kays

    More London dates

    Nope, seated or standing.
  13. Kays

    Five Star Dunfermline Review

    From The List Magazine:
  14. Kays

    Hop Farm Saturday Camping Ticket £40

    Can't make it any more, so trying to get rid of Saturday camping ticket for Hop Farm. £40 seems fairly reasonable given it was over £100 in the first place. Pm me if interested, thanks.
  15. Kays

    Throwing things on stage.

    From my very limited experience, if you can hand it to him from the front row, he'll accept it fairly graciously.
  16. Kays

    Discounted Hop Farm Tickets On Sale 9AM Today

    I've a Saturday camping ticket going if anyone wants it. Better price than above. PM me if you fancy it.
  17. Kays

    Inverness Videos and Pictures.....Please?

    They've been pretty thorough, like pat-downs when you go through the door and they will take it off you if they find it. Some people have been managing to sneak cameras in, but security are all over you if they see it. In Perth one reached over from the barrier to the 4th row and snatched it...
  18. Kays

    Photos or Videos from Dunfermline?

    That's absolutely incredible, thank you so much. I couldn't really see him too well because there was a light shining right in my eyes, so it's lovely to see his expressions and gestures. Thanks!
  19. Kays

    Photos or Videos from Dunfermline?

    If anyone knows where I can find some photos or videos of Morrissey accepting/taking/holding the books I gave him in Dunfermline last night, I'd be forever grateful. :)
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