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    mideweek ALBUM chart

    As opposed to that brand new Morrissey album chockablock with fresh new material ;)
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    Would you like to hear Morrissey do a cover on the tour?

    Funnily enough last night I was listening to The Rest Will Follow by Trail Of Dead and it hit me how much it sounded like Moz and how I could imagine him covering it... How can anyone be so unkind As to want to take another's peace of mind? Is acceptance so implausible? Well I know how...
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    Band lineup for upcoming tour

    Re: Band lineup for upcoming tour... Indeed, as did THPGU, SISMS and ODGWBF. I reckon we might get 1-2 new songs but I'm also hoping for a much changed setlist and no more butcherings of TCM like they were doing on the last tour! :sick:
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    reaction to Morrissey playing This Charming Man

    I was unbelievably excited when I heard he'd started playing it. Then I heard it and was excited no more. I know he probably wants to 'update' it or whatever but jeez, dropping the frikkin riff - one of the most exciting riffs and opening few seconds of any song ever - and replacing it...
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    Morrissey's best delivery?

    Dear God Please Help Me A hugely underrated song anyway but his vocals on this track are stunning - it's the most genuinely emotional he's sounded for years.
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    Booky Wook 2

    So he's not dead or ill, he's just being a diva by pulling out of all his promo. Lovely stuff
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    Anyone know what this site was about...

    Re: What happened to the itsmorrisseysworld item Ha ha I totally forgot about that!
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    Beethoven Was Deaf. Is Morrissey?

    Years Of Refusal made me wish for a little while that I was deaf.
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    Will The Smiths ever reform?

    I don't want it to happen as I think it'd be awful. But I think it will happen in the next 5yrs.
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    Morrissey will never reform with the Smiths

    I won't be moaning "oh what a tragedy!" either. :straightface: I just mean that if they did get back together it'd mean all of Morrissey's declarations against the idea would've been rendered hollow. I'd like to think that they aren't just brash statements to garner attention but genuine...
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    Morrissey will never reform with the Smiths

    Much as I hate to say it, I really do think the reunion will happen in the next five years. Just got this horrible feeling that it's on the cards. I hope not cos it'll no doubt be awful and pointless but if I had to put money on it either way, I'd go with 'yes they will reform at some point'.
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    Morrissey spotted in London?

    Yes he was indeed there. He must've felt a bit stupid showing up yesterday when he found out that I actually played Old Blue Last the night before! ;)
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    What's the meaning of

    With that interpretation we can probably work out who it'd be about then.
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    Morrissey Veg Thread

    There Is A Place In Hell For Me And Your Mum
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    Alex Chilton passes away at 59

    Heartbroken by this news :( Chilton was a total hero to me. He was so ahead of his time and had an ear for melody like no other. I had the honour to meet him last summer in London and it put paid to the theory to 'never meet your heroes'. He was wonderfully lovely, talkative, appreciative...
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    I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad

    Re: I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad. Even at it's worst it's better than Years Of RefuseLOL :lbf:
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    All New Misheard Lyrics

    Since my flatmate started giggling thinking the lyric was "Sixteen, c***y and shite" I haven't been able to listen to Half A Person :lbf: I really miss the 'Make Morrissey Songs Rude' game we played a few months back - anyone else wanna revive it?? ;)
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    Pick your favourite track from each of Morrissey's 9 studio albums

    Viva Hate - Everyday Is Like Sunday Kill Uncle - Sing Your Life Your Arsenal - National Front Disco Vauxhall & I - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself Southpaw Grammar - Best Friend On The Payroll Maladjusted - Trouble Loves Me You Are The Quarry - Irish Blood, English Heart Ringleader Of...
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