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  1. Ryan

    Little Bastard rockabilly EP

    Just found this little compilation on YouTube.
  2. Ryan

    Question Favourite personally recorded live piece?

    If you have recorded any songs or performances over the years, do you have a personal favourite recording you’ve captured? Post it here! Mine would be this one.
  3. Ryan

    One single, two sides, for life - which two songs do you pick?

    You have one record to listen to by Morrissey forever, that contains two songs only. What would they be for you? Side A and side B? For me, I’d have “I’m Not Sorry” b/w “Southpaw”. Thought it might make for some interesting discussion, especially when you have to refine the entire discography...
  4. Ryan

    The cockfighter dies

    A story Moz would like: Calls to crack down on illegal cockfighting have mounted in India following the death of a spectator in a village in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh. Local media...
  5. Ryan

    Current tour song hopes

    Just another what if thread. imo, he should throw some humour in and open with: When You Close Your Eyes When You Open Your Legs Dear God Please Help Me
  6. Ryan

    Let's educate SER on sleeves for a bit

    I haven't created a thread in a while, but with the slew of shite (and with the "Kiss Me A Lot" and "Some Say I Got Devil" videos on his CV) that SER has put his name to for official releases, I felt something like this ought to be brought up in a sincere way. And it was actually only prompted...
  7. Ryan

    Request: Bob Clearmountain mix of All The Young People

    Now that the 7” is out there (albeit sparingly at the moment), an mp3 rip of the a-side (and b-side, too, if possible), would be greatly appreciated. I don’t expect this to surface for a while yet, but here’s the thread anyway.
  8. Ryan

    Morrissey interview in - won't return to Brisbane for being heckled

    Morrissey on avoiding Brisbane and only playing in Australian venues where no meat will be served - Excerpts: In an exclusive interview Morrissey explained his unconventional tour path. “I didn’t want to return to Brisbane because I’ve played there twice and on both nights I was...
  9. Ryan

    Peter Hook mentions Mike Joyce in recent interview

    peter hook interview: power, corruption & lies. - Excerpt: You mentioned Rob Gretton and Tony Wilson, God rest their souls. If they were still alive do you think this rift between you and your former friends would ever have got so wide? Don't you think they would have just banged...
  10. Ryan

    Lucky Lisp

    I often think the brilliance of this song and it's lyrics are way overlooked. I mean, damn: When your gift unfurls when your Talent becomes apparent I will roar from the stalls I will gurgle from the circle The Saints smile shyly down on you they couldn't get over your...
  11. Ryan

    Since most of WPINOYB has been played live now...

    Most recently, Oboe Concerto tonight, the only three songs that have still yet to be seen in a live setting are Drag The River, Forgive Someone and Julie In The Weeds. Which of the three would you like to hear the most? I went with Drag The River.
  12. Ryan

    Dave Gahan & Soulsavers - "Angels & Ghosts"

    Potential Depeche Mode news Daniel Miller will be speaking in Berlin on Thursday. Hopefully it's about the next DM record.
  13. Ryan

    Would you want Moz to release proper studio versions of Action, People and Looker?

    Sure, they've been released as studio sessions and in the studio as bonus content for 25Live, but would you want proper, polished studio versions to appear at any point, whether as b-sides or on a future compilation release? I would.
  14. M

    Morrissey mentioned in Tony Wilson tribute video "St. Anthony" "Talk to me of Peterloo of praxis police and pride Talk to me of Pontius Pilot of Power Corruption and lies The Queen the queers the quiet ones all shy and self and effacing Like Morrissey but not Mark E Smith or Shaun Ryder when he’s been free basing" Related...
  15. Ryan

    Have you met Moz?

    Post here if you have. Did you think about sticking your finger down his backside cleavage? I met him at the Sydney book signing and I didn't think of the above at the time, but certainly did afterward.
  16. Ryan

    Art-hounds - Album or Live?

    Which version do you prefer? After just reassessing the live version, I prefer it:
  17. Ryan

    YOR First try demo track mp3s?

    Can someone please upload the demo tracks from TTY to mp3? Ta.
  18. Ryan

    What do you think (re: Jesse)

    Is the real reason that Moz keeps him with the band despite all the criticism Mr Tobias cops? It reminds me of Jason Cooper as The Cure's drummer. He's been the drummer since 1997 but people still want him gone, though I reckon he sounds fine. What do you think the real, main reason is...
  19. Ryan

    Next New Order record: "Music Complete" Superheated Unlearn This Hatred (directed at Hooky?) Singularity Plastic Any other titles we know of? >> New Order have announced the release of their new album...
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