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    Elvis Costello request...

    I'm a big fan of Elvis Costello and I know there are some others in this site... I was wondering if any of you has a good bootleg from the early years and would care to uploaded for us. I'm especially interested in songs from ¨My aim is true¨ album, played live with The Attractions...
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    Anyone knows this footage?

    I love this version of "Tomorrow" in youtube (Moz in top form): I wonder if anybody here knows where it comes from. What gig is it. And if it's there anyway to have a copy of it...:blushing: Thanks.
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    The Troxy 26th

    Hopefuly the man will be ok by then. I really, really, really, really, really hope so. I'll be there for sure... Who else is going? See ya all there (please)
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    Moz & Patti

    So, our Moz said a few times before that his favorite album is (or was) "Horses" by Patti Smith. I was wondering if they have ever actually meet and if there's some record of that. Any picture, mention or whatever... Anyone? Cheers.
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    Wilder (The Teardrop Explodes)

    Hi guys, I just got this album "Wilder" by The Teardrop Explodes (1981). I read about it many years back and I was very curious about it... Julian Cope always striked me as an interesting character, also Troy Tate was in the band at that time and the album is produced by Clive Langer (Of Moz...
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    Have you seen this before?...

    I just saw this in youtube and I though you'd might like to watch it... it's beautiful... and strange... Enjoy!
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    request: The Queen Is Dead PitchforkTV

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone here has that documentary that was shown on months ago, on The Queen Is Dead, and would put it here for us. That was a good one. I enjoyed wtaching it so much!! Cheers.
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    I've got my tickets from see tickets...

    ... For the Troxy night... And I'm really happy, as I was torally unable to get tickets fro the Royal Albert Hall... Now... My question is, for those who got tickets from seetickets previously, How long does it take to receive the confirmation from them via email? And Did any of you got your...
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    Albert Hall Sold out in 10 minutes???!!!

    Is this a new record? My good Lord. I got into the site (see tickets) and in the time I spent filling the form the whole bunch of tickets went off!!!! So I don't have a ticket :tears::tears::tears::tears: Do you think they will put some more out during the day? Bona Drag (Whore In...
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    Fugazi (again)

    Hi guys, So I think I brought Fugazi to the table a couple of times in this forum. I just love this band, each of their records are just amazing punk rock bombs. But I never talked about this before. The thing is, if you are familiar with the band, then is possible you own or at least...
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    Hey Londoners!!!

    Could you suggest any club/bar in your city where they play this kind of stuff?: Fugazi+Sonic Youth+Minutemen+The Fall+Liars+GarageRock+The Cramps+ New York Dolls+Iggy Pop+... well... you get the picture. :guitar: Thanks in advance :) Bona Drag (Whore In Retirement)
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    Bona Drag T-Shirt?????????

    Hi there. Anyone knows where I can get a Bona Drag T-Shirt? I mean the one with the actual cover of the album in the front. I would need a Medium/Small men T-Shirt. Any help much appreciated. Thanx. ;)
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    Tom Waits in Dublin

    Anyone here got tickets for the old dog?... I just looked in ticketmaster and the tickets are far more than 100 pounds!!!!!! :eek: WTF!!!!!! I wanted to go but that's just ridiculous, isn't it? I ove Tom Waits and I'd love to see him live but 136 quids is just too big of a joke.
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    The National

    Hi guys. Probably a lot of people here already know this amazing band, but for those who don't, please check them out. Is for sure one of my favourite "new" bands. I saw them two nights ago in London and it was something incredible. I don't want to talk about their music here, just follow...
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    7 ages of rock (rockumentaries) - Indie Music - The Smiths

    Maybe you already saw this, anyway: Arround 15 minutes of The Smiths. The rest of the documentary is ok and the rest of the season has some interesting moments. Enjoy. :)
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    Elvis tonight

    Hi guys. Wow!! lots of time since I don't get into the forums... maybe a whole year?... Anyway, I'm so excited 'cause tonight I have tickets to see Elvis Costello in London and I was just wondering if someone else here is going... I just love this man.
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    London Palladium 21st Video Anyone?

    Would be just great. Thaks a lot guys!!.;)
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    8 Days a week / Pop Quiz

    Could someone upload this? Thanks. ;)
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    American Music Club

    What a wonderful band!! I can't stop listening to these guys. And MArk Eitzel is a great songwriter. Anyone here into this band? I just love them.
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    Just wondering...

    ...If the person that uploaded the Morrisseyebook vol1 with all those interviews would upload the vol2. Would be great to have that. Many thanks. ;)
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