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  1. Village Smiths

    Anarcho-futurism: Britain in the lockdown

    Using such crisis as the Coronavirus pandemic, the global elite moves simultaniously across the West to impose it's dystopian vison of a future. A cultural Marxist horror world in which deracinated, miscegenated masses, without roots or morals, live in a perpetual international brutal police...
  2. Village Smiths

    With the death of 'For Britain' where will Morrissey go?

    In a fit of pique about the rapid accelerated growth of Patriotic Alliance, with her followers deserting in droves, Ann Marie Waters made a hysterical leftist video using woke defamations and lies to try to try to smear the new party. Distinguished world computer scientist Ralph Maslamani...
  3. Village Smiths

    British Nationalist Podcast Discusses Morrissey

    'The Absolute State Of Britain' Podcast tributes Morrissey:
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