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  1. eugenius

    The Smiths' "First" bassist, Dale Hibbert, played the Smiths first demo

    Dale Hibbert was at the PLY Bar in Manchester last night (Sept. 29, 2016) and an excerpt from The Smiths' first demo was played at the end of the night's event. This is a bit of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" demo recorded at Decibelle Studios by Morrissey, Marr, Joyce, and Hibbert on bass...
  2. eugenius

    A Handful of Never-Before-Seen Morrissey Pics: Oct. 26, 1997

    CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE/PHOTOS... Just a bunch of photos from Morrissey's October 26, 1997 gig at the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, California. The first time he performed The Queen is Dead. Little did we know the Maladjusted years were pretty good. Of course, Passions Just Like Mine has...
  3. eugenius

    Andy Rourke plays bass on James Franco's band's single: Daddy: You Are Mine

    Gotta admit, it's a pretty decent song. Somewhat dark, but bouncy -- a little formulaic, but a good first effort. Daddy is a new band made up with by actor James Franco and Tim O'Keefe (some guy who's composed music for movies, including Franco's movies in the past. My guess is that it's just...
  4. eugenius

    Why is Morrissey allowing his nephew to turn his uncle's career into a joke?

    SORRY, title should read: WHY IS MORRISSEY ALLOWING HIS NEPHEW TO TURN UNCLE STEVEN'S CAREER INTO A JOKE? This was the person who used to be so f***ing meticulous about the minute details of creative output like color tint, font, the angle of a photo. Morrissey letting his nephew drive Uncle...
  5. A

    Moz, Johnny, and Nick Kent - Unreleased, Unedited Private Interview (2 hours)

    An anonymous person posts the link: The Smiths : Nick Kent Interview (1985) Posted by just, Morrissey & The Smiths Description: Published on Sep 4, 2014 (Unreleased, Unedited Private Interview) A Marathon, informal interview with Morrissey & Johnny, Hosted & Home recorded by Nick Kent...
  6. eugenius

    In this post -"World Peace is All of Our Business" climate, We All Owe "Maladjusted" an Apology

    I called in sick and spent the day working from home today. In this post-"World Peace is All of Our Business" climate, I cleansed the palate throughout the day with the one Morrissey LP I can honestly say I've listened to least, "Malajusted." (I believe Morrissey-SoLow polls prove that...
  7. eugenius

    Will Johnny outsell Morrissey with "Playland?"

    With a scheduled release date of Oct. 6, does Marr sell more in week 1 then Moz? UK and US? If so, it would be safe to say Marr's online presence and touring could be a major factor. Edit in the title: Playland, not Playground.
  8. A

    TTY: Book Signatures

    Maybe we haven't seen him because he's been locked away signing books? ≫ Signatures - 1 July 2014 Morrissey would like to confirm that the signatures on the copies of Autobiography (UK Penguin softcover only) to be made available for a limited 1,000 copies of the World peace...
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