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    Official Facebook Peter Katsis: Simpsons Responses (April 19, 2021)

    The Simpsons has been a complete irrelevance for years, Morrissey as ever is still a crowd puller hence their tedious potshot at him to get coverage for their godawful shitshow.
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    "I'm A Poet" - Black vinyl due mid September (live at Colorado University Fieldhouse, Boulder, October 1, 1992)

    This came out on double LP / CD as Poetry Hour last year, I presume it's the same source ?
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    Yep, that is definitely a 90s TDK cassette. But the bidders must have surely done some research before putting in bids of a few K ?!
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    "Roy's Keen" cassette promo?

    Jesus Christ what a dickhead, no doubt he got a higher private offer for it and desperately spun some bullshit. Prick! I see someone has added the release to discogs now with the photos from the auction anyway so someone's got it.
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    "Roy's Keen" cassette promo?

    What shit excuse did he come up with ? Your mate's too nice, he's left positive fb for getting a refund!
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    "Roy's Keen" cassette promo?

    Very nice, if you're looking to flog it now is a good time to get it on eBay - the unusual tapes and promos are going for silly money.
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    One of my... curiosities

    I noticed the French seller listed them as preorders, pre-ordering a promo !? That sets alarm bells ringing, anyway I got stung with some fake cdr promos on ebay ages ago (Around the YOR period I think, a seller was knocking dozens out of various bands). I got a refund but I haven't touched the...
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    13 Morrissey studio albums ranking

    Apart from the top couple this varies wildly depending on the season, but anyway for now I'd say - 1. Viva Hate 2. Vauxhall & I 3. Maladjusted 4. Your Arsenal 5. Kill Uncle 6. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain 7. You Are The Quarry 8. Southpaw Grammar 9. Low In High School 10. Ringleader Of The...
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    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I notice that a clear shell version of Roy has been added to discogs, another one to keep an eye out for..
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    Albumism review by Libby Cudmore: IANADOAC 0/5

    This reads like an work sample submitted with a Guardian job application that accidentally got posted online. An absolute embarrassment, it's clear the album would have got zero whatever it sounded like.
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    Poll I am not a dog on a chain - rated

    I've probably already listened to this more times than LIHS and WP, I had a hard time ever getting into WP at all though. Time will tell but I think it's shaping up as being his best since Quarry for me. Once I Saw The River Clean is tremendous. (And surprisingly that's a Jesse track?!)
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    Mporium (UK): 2020 tour shirt selection now available (March 11, 2020)

    I'd agree with that but unfortunately there's a giant umbrella on the back of that jacket. The tour merch has been dialled in for far too long now unfortunately, as such I've not bought a new Moz t-shirt in years now.
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    Great gig, fantastic setlist. Moz was in great droll form. Up there as one of my personal favourites. Whilst a bunch of you wasted your Friday night on here arguing over how many weren't there those that actually went were having a great time including the man himself. Not sure what else matters.
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    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    As this thread was originally about TWWL... I can't rival the prices being quoted on here but I recently picked up this Indonesian cassette for a tenner, odd tracklisting sequence and in a weird blue case.
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    No support act for Leeds this week?

    Just got this through- We're writing to you regarding the timings for MORRISSEY at First Direct Arena, Leeds on 06/03/2020. 6pm Doors 8-8.40pm Film 8.40pm Morrissey 11pm Curfew
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    Interview with Cornershop's Tjinder Singh reflects on Morrissey protest

    Another Bragg type non-entity from the past name dropping/slagging Morrissey to get some publicity. Despite what certain loons think Morrissey still has the pulling power that most of that era can't even dream of, calling him out will guarantee column inches from the joke MSM. Nothing to see here.
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    The dreadful state of UK ticket sales

    No, mine haven't been despatched yet
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    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I notice both Roy + Satan went for £120+ on eBay last week. A Kill Uncle cassette promo for over 200 quid too, I thought the tape market had calmed down but clearly not.
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    Supreme: Smiths inspired jacket in Fall '19 collection - Highsnobiety /

    NME regurgitating the story
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