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  1. cossy

    Damien Dempsey and Moz duet

    I first came across Damien Dempsey when he opened for Moz in Dublin in 2004 as Moz was launching You are the Quarry . Unfortunately it will be remembered for Alains last appearence in the live Morrissey band . But Damien Dempsey really blew me away. I was unaware of him and yet he came from my...
  2. cossy

    Rare Morrissey Interview 1987

    On a show called Network. Hadnt seen it before . With thanks to the original uploader cossy
  3. cossy

    Short Morrissey interview at Glastonbury 1984

    With thanks to the orginal uploader here is a short clip of Morrissey being interviewed before The Smiths gig at Glasto Its short and quality isnt great but I had never seen it cossy
  4. cossy

    Morrissey on Norwegian TV 2002

    Had not seen this in a long time. 10 years ago. Some great quotes "Johnny Angie and I made the Smiths" The other 2 Smiths did not want to join. Johnny made them join:lbf: Cannot embed but here is link
  5. cossy

    Stop giving out about the band murdering This Charming Man

    Press and fans alike hear Moz and he lads performing This Charming Man since the Years of Refusal and Swords Tour and it now has made it back on to the current setlist Crazy as this sounds this is not Morrissey and the band covering The Smiths. Be it for fear that they couldnt do the song...
  6. cossy

    If Carlsberg made aftershow Partys.......TCM play free MOZ aftershow party 30th July

    To celebrate Morrisseys return to the Emerald Isle and to PUBLIN in particular. These Charming Men will play a FREE gig on Sat night 30th July literally across the road from the venue when the gig ends. One of the oldest pubs in Dublin The Clock Pub on Thomas Street will host this event. This...
  7. cossy

    The Minutes

    Dublin 3 piece recently signed and about to release their Monster piece Maracata May 21st to the unsuspecting public It has been getting of airplay around Ireland. The lads played HopFarm and SXSW and Oxygen last year They found common ground between the like of The Smiths Thin Lizzy and Led...
  8. cossy

    Review of Treat me like a Human Being in todays Irish Times

    If you can call it a review, Maybe its just as well he doesnt mention the song
  9. cossy

    Wonder who Moz is writing with?

    With the now confirmed return of Morrissey to the live arena, I was interested in who he may be writing new material with? Those of us who follow Boz and Alain on Facebook know that they have been very busy on their own projects over the last 12 months. Boz is obviusly still part of the band and...
  10. cossy

    Hitler gets really annoyed that The Smiths have split up

    Quite clever cossy:thumb:
  11. cossy

    Damo mentions having a singsong with Moz before Dublin gig

    Moz mentioned on stage at the National Stadium that hehad met up with Damien Dempsey the night before and after 2 sherries he had to put Damo in a taxi:) Here is Damiens recollection of events from his facebook page I had a sing song with Morrissey and his gang in the Four Seasons Hotel...
  12. cossy

    Moz TV concert 28/08/2004 Reading Festival

    View here Download here 28 August 2004 - Carling Festival, Reading, UK How Soon is Now? November Spawned A Monster First Of The Gang To Die I Like You Subway Train/Everyday Is Like Sunday Shoplifters Of The...
  13. cossy

    Moz TV 6/7/06 Zagreb View here Download here 6 July 2006 - SRC Salata Open Air Festival, Zagreb, Croatia How Soon Is Now? First Of The Gang To Die The Youngest Was The Most Loved In The Future When All's Well Ganglord Girlfriend In A...
  14. cossy

    Child does of there is a light from Moz' MEN gig

    Saw this and I have to say I laughed out loud. The kid has obviously being watching Who puts the M in Morrissey once or twice:lbf: Fair play cossy
  15. cossy

    Dublin Stadium

    Have 2 seating tickets and am looking to swap for 2 standing tixs (GEN AD) Any help appreciated? cossy
  16. cossy

    Moz Bottle throwing incident discussed on TV

    Channel 5 daily tv panel show have a pop cossy
  17. cossy

    Forget McDonalds Eat in Mozburgers!!

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I thought it was quite clever:) cossy:lbf::lbf:
  18. cossy

    Check out the new Morrissey Pub cossy
  19. cossy

    Congrats to Alain whyte and his new wife

    I see from my facebook page that Alain and Brittany got married over the last few days. Best wishes to the both of them and many years of happiness. They look very happy in the photos. cossy:)
  20. cossy

    Jeff Buckley talking about Mozzer

    As the title says cossy:)
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