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  1. northernleech

    HMV 10" vinyl offer from 14.07.14

    Fyi uk members , i have been off work this week , but from opening tomorrow morning if you buy any version of the morrissey album and the 10" vinyl you save £3. I work in a medium size store and we only have 5 copies ( well 4 now ). Bigger stores , more copies ... but still pretty ltd . ... good...
  2. northernleech

    free smiths t-shirt giveaway with new smiths book at hmv stores

    just a heads up for anyone who still cares , hmv will have a limited number of free tshirts to giveaway on purchasing the "the light that never goes out book" at selected stores - i dont have a full list of the stores but it will be i imagine the big city stores , manchester (obviously) ...
  3. northernleech

    information about grado festival venue

    any Italian members on here who can help with some info about this venue ? been watchin some bits online from Patti smith playing there in 2010 , and the venue seems tiny .. very very intimate !! is this the actual venue where morrissey is playing and if so how big is capacity ? because it seems...
  4. northernleech

    too easy

    tickets for boro sorted - too easy !
  5. northernleech

    queen is dead - 25 years on tour ?

    just realised that the tour belly flops over the quarter century anniversary of the queen is dead - lets hope for a couple of appropriate era tracks !!!
  6. northernleech

    "Glamorous Glue" run out groove message

    don't know if this has already been posted , but we got our stock for next weeks re-release of glam glue in yesterday , 2x 7" and the non pic disc version has as its run out groove message... "our raymond , our douglas , our bunny" any ideas ? Dave posted the link shortly after in reply...
  7. northernleech

    glamorous glue run out groove message

    don't know if this has already been posted , but we got our stock for next weeks re-release of glam glue in yesterday , 2x 7" and the non pic disc version has as its run out groove message "our raymond , our douglas , our bunny" any ideas ? we have 20 copies of each vinyl (well 19 minus...
  8. northernleech

    hitch hawicker - anyone else on here goin to this one?

    only moz would choose to play somewhere that doesn't even have a train station !!! luckily i am a sassanach south of hadrians wall and can drive there - there doesn't seem to be a lot of accomodation but i have managed to book a farmhouse b&b for a reasonable £85 for 3 of us . alternatives would...
  9. northernleech

    Strangeways here he comes

    on reading about george michaels release from prison yesterday , and boy georges stint inside a few years back i got to thinkin about how you think Moz would cope if he ever had to spend time at her majestys pleasure ?
  10. northernleech

    in a seaside town?

    this is not confirmed but there may be a morrissey p.a around the release of the bona drag in september .. in a seaside town ?? i am not being a tease , this is as much as i know at the moment and as i say it is not yet confirmed , but it is from an informed source !
  11. northernleech

    new york dolls in geordieland

    its already sold out but the nyd are playin at the cluny in newcastle in september - it's a tiny pub venue and i cannot believe they are playin there , but what chances do you reckon there are of moz turnin up ?
  12. northernleech

    Leeds pre gig meet up

    just bought ticket at last minute (thanks ali) and am comin down from newcastle on my own (aaaah) and wondering if anyone is meeting up beforehand - the walkabout bar is nearby i hear (just up the street i believe) and seems the easy choice ! think i will be there by 7 at latest (imagine you...
  13. northernleech

    swords innner sleeve photos

  14. northernleech

    back to the old house

    i had to go on a speed awareness course today near to where i grew up as kid from the age of 2 - 15 and not wanting to be late ( or have to speed to get there) i ended up getting there too early . i decided to kill some time by detouring past my "old house" . i parked in the street and had a...
  15. northernleech

    marr and cribs tour

    i am off to see the cribs on wednesday and though i think they are an ok band and the new album is decent enough , i am only going because it's a chance to see johnny marr live in a really small venue (about 750) . just wondering if any other moz/smiths devotees are going for the same reason ?
  16. northernleech

    Moz and Monty

    just finished reading a biography on montgomery clift and i see a lot of similarities between them - beyond the obvious sexual "is he.. isn't he" (monty was) they are both ultra sensitive , narcisistic and actually look similar ! has moz ever mentioned him in print/interview ? he was a great...
  17. northernleech

    Moz on Sky Arts channel (UK) 6th July

    don't know if this has already been reported but there is an hour of live moz on sky arts 1 channel on monday night (uk) at 10 pm - live at eurockeenes - the french glastonbury i hear ! - presume its an old gig and may well have been shown before .. but its there if you wanna watch it - sky257...
  18. northernleech

    "Swords" singles ?

    with the release of the b sides album in the autumn i would find it quite amusing for morrissey to release a b-side as a single prior to the album coming out , with its own exclusive b sides (oh the irony)... anyway my question is : if moz was to do this , which b-side since 2004 would you...
  19. northernleech

    why does moz treat his fans like shite ? - discuss (or blindly defend)

    Sycophantic slags of the world unite ! he is f***in laughin at us all and he is beyond forgiveness - and i was not even going to the rah gig !
  20. northernleech

    southpaw grammar sleeve notes

    got our stock in today for mondays re-release of both southpaw and maladjusted . the new tracks are a mixed bag - "honey.." is the perkiest "bird" is ok and "you should have been .." is a swoon. anyhooo i will attempt to transcribe the sleeve notes - took photos on my phone of each page so...
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