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  1. Raised on prisoner's aid

    Being vegetarian to eating meat?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering how many people have actually gone from being a vegetarian to eating meat, and what your reasons were? Was it worth it? I am a vegetarian currently (have been so for basically my entire life), but am seriously considering starting to eat meat. My reasons are...
  2. Raised on prisoner's aid

    New Bloc Party single!!!

    Listen here Yeah, it's pretty strange. I *think* I like it!
  3. Raised on prisoner's aid

    Wanted: Royal Albert Hall Standing Tickets

    Hi! I want to buy up to 3 standing tickets (for me and two of my friends) for the Royal Albert Hall on May 11th. I missed out way back in December by literally seconds and was absolutely distraught. I've never been able to see Morrissey live, and really really want to make sure I don't miss out...
  4. Raised on prisoner's aid

    What does this line mean?

    Hi guys, Sorry if this has been discussed before, but what does the following line mean: "The Queen is dead boys, and it's so lonely on a limb" It's the "..limb" bit I'm most curious about, it's such an interesting phrase. Cheers
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