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    TTY: Morrissey y Malvinas

    So everything is allowed to be written here except explicit death threats? Wishing people dead are fine, however. I guess the moderators here cannot be very busy. Their working-load is kept on the most minimal level possible. Once every century they might have to make some minor adjustment to a...
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    Beethoven Was Deaf vs. Live At Earl's Court

    Beethoven is definitely better in general, and as some say, funnier. ; ) But I do love his "I know it's not mutual but..." before going into I Have Forgiven Jesus. : )
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    The new album is 'ready' but what exactly does this mean?

    Oh, yeah, that's undeniable. Do you think it will have evened out a bit between ROTT and YOR after a couple years? YOT has been in stores for less than half as long, after all.
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    The new album is 'ready' but what exactly does this mean?

    But did his latest three albums sell bad, really? (Obviously Quarry didn't anyway). Except Swords, which isn't even a studio album, I've gotten the impression that all his latest albums sold fairly well. Of course, internet makes every CD sell less than it should, but that's the same for all.
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    The new album is 'ready' but what exactly does this mean?

    Re: He did say "very, vey soon", and that he has an album but not a label. When I first heard it I got really happy and hoped for a release during fall. That would be wonderful. But I'm getting a bit sceptical about it now, since it's probably "just" demos. Do you think we have to wait more...
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    Morrissey's name calling - juvenile, funny (or both)?

    Yeah, but in the same interview there's also: 'In the driveway he asked a favour. He wanted to modify a few of the things he said. "Please don't have me say anything unpleasant about Coldplay and Radiohead," he said. "There's no point to it, it just looks silly and mean. They're perfectly good...
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    Survival Game- Meat Is Murder

    the headmaster ritual-34 (-1) i want the one i can't have-38 that joke isn't funny anymore-27 (+1)
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    Survival Game- Meat Is Murder

    the headmaster ritual-38 (-) i want the one i can't have-38 that joke isn't funny anymore-23 (+)
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    Morrissey Reveals 13 Favourite LP's

    Lovely and surprising to see Grace there! : )
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    Survival Game- Meat Is Murder

    headmaster ritual-24 rusholme ruffians-12(-) i want the one i cant have-25 that joke isnt funny anymore-16 nowhere fast-10 well i wonder-14(+)
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    Pick your favourite track from each of Morrissey's 9 studio albums

    Angel, angel, down we go together Asian Rut Seasick, yet still docked Speedway Southpaw Trouble Loves Me I'm not sorry Life is a Pigsty You were good in your time
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    Game of YOR

    Something Is Squeezing My Skull 23 Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed 25+ Black Cloud 19 Im Throwing My Arms Around Paris 21 All You Need Is Me 20- When Last I Spoke to Carol 22 That's How People Grow Up 15 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell 23 Its Not Your Birthday Anymore 23 You Were Good In Your...
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    Favorite Track from YOR

    It's not your birthday anymore. Great track. : ) You were Good in your time iis nice too, could have been even better, though.
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    Favorite Morrissey album of this decade

    Not a single vote for Ringleader? I find that album very underestimated. Life is a Pigsty and Dear God please help me must be two of the best Moz-songs, and no tracks on Years of refusal are nearly as good. I need to listen more before I can be certain but at the moment I'd probably rank it: 1...
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    YOR song endings

    Yeah, I agree, most of the songs end before they have developed fully. But well, the main annoyance must be You were good in your time. It feels as if it could be one of the most beautiful Moz-songs then it just ends when it is about to get really good. Lost potential.
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    Way Out West

    I was there. It was <3<3, especially Sigur Rós and Broder daniel. : )
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    What should be on the new Smiths greatest hits CD?

    Re: i started something i wish i hadn't.... I don't like Greatest hits compilation in genereral since they never give a fair view of a band, just the hits, and no depth at all. The best way to find a new band is just to buy their best CD, not some pointless compilation. You should buy The Queen...
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    New Sigur Ros: free download new single

    með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust I'm sorry if this thread already exists; remove it if that's the case. Anyway, one can now listen to the new Sigur Rós album even it isn't released officially yet. So what do you think of it? I LOVE it. Can't compare it to the other albums yet...
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    new Coldplay song, attempt at the Smiths

    I didn't hear any resemblance at all. Though, can't say I remember the song, just listened to the album through one time. Quite boring. Well, surprise, suprise...
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    morrissey/smiths tshirts - post what you're wearing...

    Hi, thanks. ^^ I bought it in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, in a store where they only sold band t-shirts. They only had one left, though. Lucky me. : )
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