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    "The Queen Is Dead" turns 30 - articles on Pitchfork, NME

    Not sure if these were reported already... The Smiths were way more subsversive than we (and David Cameron) care to remember - Pitchfork (The Pitch) The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead Annotated for 30th Anniversary: Watch - Pitchfork (Liner Notes documentary) Links from an anonymous person: The...
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    List of the Lost audiobook?

    (Wanted to bump the old audiobook topic, but it seems that has been locked after the migration.) Release date still listed on various web stores as being 30 June, less than a month from now. Anyone know more details on whether the release is still on?
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    "List of the Lost" review by Roy Wilkinson (3 /5 stars) - MOJO

    First LOTL not-negative review shock! (That Times review was less negative but certainly not positive.) On page 110 of the same issue of MOJO discussed earlier (#265, December 2015) there is a three-out-of-five-star review of List of the Lost by one Roy Wilkinson, who says the book has "a...
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    The Smiths songs in Pitchfork's 200 Best Songs of the 1980s

    Not sure if this was posted before, but anyway... In Pitchfork's 200 Best Songs of the 1980s, The Smiths have three entries: for "This Charming Man" (#109), "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" (#14) and, of course, "How Soon Is Now?" (#10). No Morrissey solo entries, but "Everyday Is Like...
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    World Peace reviewed on (leading Dutch newssite)

    Over here: For the Francophones among us, is not an adult site, "nu" means "now" in Dutch :-) Google translate, if you promise you won't laugh...
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